TELoIP at Networking Field Day 15

TELoIP presents at Networking Field Day next week. Phil Gervasi will be watching their presentation closely, as he has a keen interest in the SD-WAN market. He’s interested to see how they will differentiate themselves in an increasingly clouded marketing with their managed WAN solution and cloud infrastructure. Make sure to check out the live stream to watch it along with Phil!

Ah… NSX, We Meet Again.

Keith Townsend is heading to his first Networking Field Day next month, and he’s started to preview the presenting companies. First up is VMware with their NSX platform. Keith is familiar with it, but wants to hear more about NSX and micro-segmentation, specifically what VMware has learned from customers is how they go from the passive listening phase of looking at traffic to finally taking action against suspicious behavior. He’s also interested in seeing how serverless and NSX-T work together. He’ll get his fill at Networking Field Day, make sure to check out the live stream to watch along with Keith and the other delegates.

Networking Field Day 15 – A new delegate emerges

Networking Field Day returns to Silicon Valley in April, and we’re thrilled to have Tony Mattke returning! Check out his announcement post to see why he’s excited to hear from all of the announced companies. Make sure to tune into the live stream during the event to see and hear more from Tony.

Selected as NFD 15 Delegate

Justin Cohen is heading back to Networking Field Day in April. He went to his first one in August, and found it awesome to get hit by the networking fire house from all the presenting companies. We’ve already announced that TELoIP and IP Infusion will be presenting, with more companies to be announced soon. Make sure to check back, and set a reminder to check out all the live streamed videos!