SD-WAN as a Service: Just Give Me an Ethernet Handoff

Phil Gervasi looks at what he saw from TELoIP at Networking Field Day. The company is offering SD-WAN as a service (SDWaaS?). Phil sees the core business benefit of this approach as ease of use and cost savings. The fundamental idea of a managed WAN isn’t all that new to Phil. He sees TELoIP potentially allowing organizations to cancel more expensive MPLS circuits, and instead utilize cheap broadband prices. Since TELoIP utilizes a variety of public internet providers for their service, they are able to achieve collective reliability, with a wrapped in SLA, for much cheaper price. Phil wants to look into some more of the details of transport before making any final judgement. The underlying idea might not be brand new, but TELoIP has an interesting technical approach to the solution.

TELoIP and the SD-WAN Cook-off

Rich Stroffolino wrote up his thoughts from TELoIP’s presentation at Networking Field Day earlier this month. You may not have heard of the company, but they’ve been around since 2002, and have a lot of interesting, and patented, technology. Rich focuses on the capabilities of their VINO SD-WAN solution, which aggregates all available links to offer the best high utilization, performance, and reliability.

VMWare NSX Distributed Firewall

At Networking Field Day earlier this month, Kevin Blackburn was introduced to the idea of a VMware distributed firewall. He thinks it’s a perfect example of how their NSX platform can bring additional value to your network by eliminating a lot of the need to physically segment it. Kevin sees NSX as making the network easier to manage, without ceding any control over its operation.

VMware NSX Unplugged: Networking Field Day

Networking Field Day compared to MTV’s “Unplugged” series? Hey, we’ll take it! Roger Fortier with VMware shared the videos from the event, and found the focused discussions and more relaxed atmosphere led to some truly unique moments. Make sure to check out all of VMware’s presentation, they were able to go really in-depth on their NSX Network Virtualization and Security platform.

SD-WAN: Redundancy and Optimization

Kevin Blackburn saw a presentation from TELoIP at Networking Field Day earlier this month, and used the presentation as a jumping off point for talking about SD-WAN. TELoIP presented their VINO SD-WAN and SD-Internet solutions during the event. In a lot of ways, the end result of a lot of SD-WAN solutions remains the same, but each company goes about doing it in substantively different ways, which may have different appeal among organizations. For TELoIP, they emphasized using all available internet circuits into a logical bundle of network connections.

Do We Really Need SSL Decryption?

Brandon Carroll doesn’t mince words. He thinks passing SSL traffic through the firewall without decrypting is akin to walking into “a war with a gun thats half loaded”. To that end, he was impressed with what he saw from Gigamon at Networking Field Day earlier this month. Their GigaSECURE Network Visibility Platform serves as a trusted man-in-the-middle to handle decryption, and to flag traffic that can’t be verified as secure.

PNDA provides scalable and reactive network analytics

Tony Mattke looks at what he saw from PNDA. This is a project from the Linux Foundation, recently open sourced by Cisco. It serves as a platform for network analytics across data centers. PNDA sees this as vital for organizations with large volume high velocity data, something they see as vital for areas like the Internet of Things. Tony was really impressed by PNDA’s data assurance as well, which allows you to make sure everything is received and processed on every step of the data’s path across the network. Overall, Tony found PNDA further evidence that open source networking is alive and well!

SSL Decryption for Increased Network Visibility

Kevin Blackburn wrote up his thoughts on Gigamon’s presentation at Networking Field Day this month. They focused their presentation on GigaSECURE, their security visibility platform that allows for inline SSL decryption. They do this with by operating a sanctioned man in the middle capture. This is vital for giving administrators the visibility into traffic needed to ensure secure practice. Kevin’s only concern was in how Gigamon’s trusted certificate were handled, which may lead to a manual process of adding these to devices they can’t be automatically pushed to. But with a predicated 80% of traffic being encrypted in the near future, the tradeoff may well be worth it to gain visibility.

Networking Field Day #15: Enhanced Visibility into SSL/TLS Traffic

Jai Balasubramaniyan, Director of Security Product Management at Gigamon, gives a written overview of what Gigamon presented at Networking Field Day earlier this month. He was really impressed by the number and type of questions, and the substantive discussion that evolved during the course of the presentation. They reviewed their GigaSECURE platform, which features industry leading security visibility, including inline SSL decryption. Check out their full video coverage from the event, and look for more presentation from them at Cloud Field Day, July 27-28, and Networking Field Day, September 13-15.

Who is IP Infusion and Why Have You Never Heard of Them?

Brandon Carroll takes a look at IP Infusion, who presented at Networking Field Day earlier this month. The company has been around since 1999, and you may already be more familiar with their networking OS, ZebOS, than the company itself. That may largely be because of their OEM focus, but Brandon found their excited presentation quite interesting. They’ve recently thrown their hat in the disaggregation ring by offering OcNOS, a white box switch OS, and VirNOS, a virtual network OS. You may not have heard of them before, but they are definitely a company worth your interest.

VMWare NSX: A New Method of Datacenter Networking

Kevin Blackburn wrote up some of his thoughts on VMware NSX from Networking Field Day last week. The company presented on it for four hours, so he was really able to get into a technical deep dive on this interesting network control solution. Kevin seemed really impressed by how NSX lets you integrate a variety of vendors into the solution, via a layer 3 connection using BGP or OSPF. NSX also allows you to directly firewall devices, create unique policies, and extend all of this into cloud environments thanks to AWS support.

3 Linux Foundation networking projects that your business needs to know

The Linux Foundation is home to a lot of interesting projects. A lot of these are projects started by private companies, but moved over to the Linux Foundation to help foster a more active community and development. Keith Townsend runs down three interesting ones for IT architecture. One that he saw at Networking Field Day last week was PNDA, which is a big data analytics project that came originally from Cisco. PNDA is designed to work across data centers, a scale out approach to big data. The Data Plane Development Kit came out of Intel, and helps improve networking performance on commodity hardware. Finally, he introduces Open vSwitch, which came from VMware by way of Nicira.

Software Defined Networking and Its Effects on the Wireless Industry

Drew Lentz wrote about his experience at Networking Field Day last week. AS primarily someone focused on the wireless side (he is @WirelessNerd after all), he was a little intimidated at the prospect. In the end, he found it a fascinating experience. He particularly enjoyed seeing developments with software-defined networking, as he saw from UP Infusion, the Open Networking Summit, and from VMware’s NSX solution. In the end, he reflects on what he saw will inevitably impact the wireless side.

Short Take – The Present Future of the Net

Tom Hollingsworth wrote up some quick thoughts from Networking Field Day. He saw Intel really pushing their 5G LTE wireless successor. PNDA really impressed Tom with their potential to change networking data analytics. Finally, VMware talked about the transition from traditional networking to one defined by microservices and application layer intelligence over dinner. Overall, sounds like Tom has a lot of food for thought!

IP Infusion: The Enterprise Whitebox Solution

Kevin Blackburn heard from IP Infusion last week at Networking Field Day, and got a good look at their white box networking OS and their virtualized platform. Their OS covers enough of the white box world to cover the entire range of interfaces and speeds. One interesting feature Kevin noted was that you can program your own application directly into the OS for added customization. Overall, Kevin enjoyed the configurability and documentation available from IP Infusion. He may have not heard of IP Infusion before the event, but he found them to offer a stable platform for network engineers to move into the white box networking world.

Networking Field Day 15 Preview

Networking Field Day started today, and John Welsh is in attendance. He wrote up a preview post looking at all the different presenting companies. Before you check out the live stream throughout the event, it’s well worth the read to get a better handle of what to expect from them.

Presenting Vendor Preview: Gigamon

Brandon Carroll gives us a preview of what to expect from Gigamon at Networking Field Day this week. He first saw a presentation from them at Networking Field Day all the way back in 2011. He’s really interested in learning more about their security delivery platform, GigaSECURE solution. Check out the live stream of all presentation right here to find out! Plus join the conversation on Twitter with #NFD15.

Presenting Vendor Preview: PNDA

Brandon Carroll gives us another preview of a presentation from Networking Field Day this week. This time he’s looking at PNDA. Sadly this is not an evolution on the personal digital assistant. Instead, it’s an open source scalable analytics platform, which is probably a lot more useful.

NFD15 – TELoIP VINO – Part 1

Kevin Blackburn wrote up an excellent preview of TELoIP, an SD-WAN provider. He looks at their Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay and how it appears to operate based on existing information. He’s excited to learn specifics directly from TELoIP, and plans to learn how they differentiate themselves in the increasingly crowded market.

Presenting Vendor Preview: IP Infusion

Brandon Carroll reviews what to expect from IP Infusion. It’s their first presentation at a Networking Field Day event, and we’re excited to see what they’ll have on tap. Brandon is interested to see how they differentiate themselves in the network operating system space.