Networking Field Day @ Cisco Live

Make sure you’re following Nicola Arnoldi for all of his updates out of Tech Field Day Extra from Cisco Live Europe. It’s his first Field Day experience, so we’re looking forward to the new perspective!

My first day at Tech Field Days Extra @ Cisco Live 2018

In this post, Nicola Arnoldi shares some thoughts from Cisco Live Europe, including his first Tech Field Day Extra experience. During the presentation, Nicola got a look at Cisco’s multicloud strategy, their network assurance engine, and Tetration. That’s a lot of deep dives for the first day, but Nicola does a good job of sorting through the fire hose of information in the post.

Nicola Arnoldi

I’m a passionate networker and evangelist. I’ve been working in the Telco space for 10+ years and started focusing on automation and SDN in the recent years, particularly focusing on Cloud networking and DC simplification. I’m currently on a mission to break the habit of vertical-integrations and vendor-creep through open-networking. I have a small blog […]