Why the Heck Would You Use NSX?

John Welsh got to drink from the firehose of a four hour VMware NSX presentation at Networking Field Day in April. He thinks the value the platform gives is in its ability to provide additional security layers through micro-segmentation. This isn’t meant to replace a hardware perimeter firewall, but can provide additional firewalls down to vNIC level. Effectively setting a stateful firewall policy per VM.

Networking Field Day 15 Preview

Networking Field Day started today, and John Welsh is in attendance. He wrote up a preview post looking at all the different presenting companies. Before you check out the live stream throughout the event, it’s well worth the read to get a better handle of what to expect from them.

John Welsh

John Welsh is the founder of Deathmatch, LLC, a company devoted to creating entertaining and informative video focused on technology and the engineers that work on it.  In addition to being the producer and host of Engineering Deathmatch for the previous three seasons, John is a solutions architect and a CCIE and he has been […]