I will be at Commvault Go and Storage Field Day 14!

Max Mortillaro will be back for a pair of events in November. He’s excited to attend Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO as well as attending Storage Field Day. He’s looking forward to a deep dives from Commvault, various Dell EMC divisions, comparing storage approaches from E8 Storage and Infinidat, and getting deep into object storage from Scality. It’ll be a busy month for Max!

It’s Time for Hard Drives to Join Tape In The Archive Tier

Mechanical hard drives are wonders of engineering. Despite proclamations of potential capacity limits, we’ve seen companies innovate to produce increasingly dense drives. But Chris Evans makes a compelling case here why spinning disks should be relegated to archiving going forward. This is because while throughput has increased much more slowly than capacity, we’ve actually seen latency get 50% worse in the last ten years. Combined with increased viability of cloud storage, Chris sees hard drives as viable for archive only.