My dilemma of stateful storage marriage

Chin-Fah Heoh has been thinking about stateful data in stateful storage containers and how they would interact with distributed applications containers and functions-as-a-service. This led to a consideration of what a distributed data systems would look like, wherein the idea of a “data center” seems like an oxymoron. He’s seen some past Storage Field Day companies offer pieces on how to get to a distributed data system. Chin-Fah will be at Storage Field Day next month, and looks forward to seeing how Hedvig and WekaIO will offer more pieces to this puzzle.

Storage Field Day 15 – Introduction

We’re looking forward to having Chan Ekanayake return for his second Storage Field Day in Silicon Valley next month. In this preview of the event, he looks at what he expects from each of the presenting companies. He’ll be seeing some familiar Storage Field Day delegates, and meeting many new ones as well. Make sure to follow Chan’s posts after the event to see what he thought of the presenters.

Always serendipitous Storage Field Days

We’re thrilled to have Chin-Fah Heoh returning for his fourth Storage Field Day event this March. In this post, he writes about how coming to the events has led to many serendipitous encounters and experiences have occurred as a result of attending, like getting a look at disruptive high performance multicloud technology from Elastifile. With a combination of new and veteran companies at this coming Storage Field Day, we can’t wait to see what his next bit of serendipity will be!