Introduction to SD-WAN

So you’ve heard about SD-WAN, but you still have some questions? Eyvonne Sharp made a video just for you. In this introduction, she lays out what the requirements of a complete SD-WAN solution are. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, she includes links to some specific company implementations from Networking Field Day!

Network Field Day 14 and the Best Community Ever!

We’re thrilled to have Eyvonne Sharp as a delegate for her first Networking Field Day! She really appreciates the community the events have created. It’s great to hear that it’s not only a helpful group of people, but one that she genuinely enjoys engaging with. It’s also a welcoming group, so when you’re watching the Networking Field Day livestream, make sure to ask questions on Twitter with #NFD14. Between the delegates and the staff, we’ll get some answers!

Eyvonne Sharp

Eyvonne Sharp is a consulting network engineer for a healthcare enterprise where her focus is security and network architecture.