Google Cloud nested virtualization popularizes the technology

Mark May takes a look at how the announcement of nested virtualization support for Google Cloud will popularize the technology. He got a perfect example of this at Tech Field Day last month, where Scale Computing announced a partnership with Google Cloud to bring frictionless VM recovery to the service.

Commentary: Infrastructure Considerations for Machine Learning

In this post, Dr. Rachel Traylor looks at machine learning in the enterprise. The issue is machine learning takes vast swaths of varied data to produce useful results, something that might constrain a production database. Dr. Traylor looks at the Sky Infrastructure Actifio presented at Tech Field Day in September as a possible solution. This saves a “golden copy” of data, with changes saved incrementally, and able to serve up “virtual copies” much more efficiently for testing.

DataCore Divides & Conquers to Increase SQL Server Performance

DataCore Software’s newly released MaxParallel for SQL Server offers an interesting IO optimization feature to help prevent bottlenecks. Matt Crape thinks the solution has some interesting application for distributing an otherwise heavy workload to make it more manageable. He’s interested in learning more about it in the future and getting into the weeds on how it works.

Riverbed’s Xirrus offers more than just connectivity

Matt Crape got to hear from Riverbed at Tech Field Day last month, where they demonstrated how they are integrating their Xirrus assets post acquisition. Matt found their approach to secure wireless deployment makes them stand out in a crowded market.

Taking Complexity Out of the Distributed Enterprise—Tech Field Day 15

Michael Sheehan shares his thoughts on Riverbed’s presentation from Tech Field Day last month. The talk centered around the companies solutions for the business edge, which is where they see IT shifting. They demonstrated how their SteelFusion edge solution can deliver a “cloud-like” experience for deploying and managing on the edge, providing simplicity while still being centrally managed by a data center.

Why the hybrid IT control plane is destined for the public cloud

Cloud growth is exploding, but analysts have shown that compared to a traditional data center, it can be much more expensive in the long haul. That’s why Keith Townsend things a hybrid IT approach will allow organizations to leverage the agility of the cloud without the cost associated with a complete migration. Keith takes a look at some SaaS-based data center control planes from Platform9, Skyport Systems, and HPE to compare their strategies for hybrid IT management.

How to deploy SkySecure hyperconverged infrastructure

Skyport Systems offers a HCI solution that allows for true cloud-management for on-site applications and workloads that can’t be moved to the cloud. Brandon Carroll looks at how the company has built a secure system from the ground up, starting with their hardware that is tamper resistant and has no management interface on the appliance itself. This article walks through how to fully deploy Skyport’s solution while maintaining and verifying inherent security.

Datacore Tech Field Day 15 Reap

The CTO Advisor, Keith Townsend, put together a full video recap series looking back at Tech Field Day presenters from last month. In his final video, he looks at DataCore Software, who debuted their MaxParallel for SQL Server at the event.

Riverbed Tech Field Day 15 Recap

In his video recaps of last month’s Tech Field Day, Keith Townsend looks at what Riverbed presented. He came away impressed by their solution to project VMs to remote sites.

Actifio Tech Field Day 15 Recap

For Keith Townsend, Actifio was a returning presenter to Tech Field Day, having first seen them in 2014 at Storage Field Day. In his video review, Keith looks at how the company has been successful in their data as a service business model.

Scale Computing Tech Field Day 15 Recap

The Tech Field Day delegates at last month’s event saw the benefits of nested virtualization courtesy of Scale Computing’s announced partnership with Google Cloud. This effectively allows them to offer DRaaS using Google’s backend. Keith Townsend gives his thoughts on it as part of his excellent video review of the event.

Ixia Tech Field Day 15 Session Recap

The latest Tech Field Day saw a return of Ixia, who originally presented at Networking Field Day last November. Keith Townsend reviews what he saw in their presentation, essentially an authorized man-in-the-middle to capture traffic for analysis. Keith reviews how their SSL approach fits into the broader visibility landscape.

Skyport Tech Field Day 15 Recap – YouTube

As part of his video review of Tech Field Day from last month, the CTO Advisor Keith Townsend takes a look at Skyport Systems. Keith found it a very opinionated solution, taking a view that the cloud will be pervasive, leaving only the most mandatory elements in the datacenter. Their approach then is to provide a secure, cloud managed on-site infrastructure.

Cisco Tech Field Day 15 Session Recap

Keith Townsend put together a video series looking at the presenters from Tech Field Day last month. He gives his thoughts on the overall event, and dives into what he saw from Cisco, particularly their ACI solution.

Scale Computing HC3 Cloud Unity – Whats that about then?

Ian Sanderson takes a look at Scale Computing’s HC3 Cloud Unity, which uses Google Cloud’s new nested virtualization feature to offer a DRaaS solution ideally suited for SMBs. By being able to run Scale’s hypervisor on Google’s cloud hypervisor, it lets you move over your VMs to the cloud when disaster strikes without any reconfiguration hassle.

Spartans and Servers and Storage, Oh My!

James Green explores the IT lessons found in the legendary Battle of Thermopylae, bottlenecks can be a big deal. He uses this example of a serialized approach to combat to show why parallelism is important both in ancient combat and for I/O in the modern enterprise. A modern example of this is DataCore Software’s just released MaxParallel for SQL Server which parallelizes workloads to optimize them for multiple CPUs. It’s a really fun metaphor and a great read!

Scale Computing is Simplifying DRaaS

Matt Crape looks at Scale Computing’s HC3 Cloud Unity Platform, which offers disaster recovery as a service backed by Google Cloud. Scale is able to offer this thanks to Google’s newly announced support for nested virtualization, effectively letting you run a hypervisor within a hypervisor. Matt sees this as a viable path for SMBs to actually adopt a DR plan. Scale’s HC3 Cloud Unity makes it affordable, managed by their familiar interface, and easily moves over workloads in the event of an outage.

DataCore MaxParallel for SQL Server – Whats that about then?

DataCore Software debuted their MaxParallel for SQL server solution at Tech Field Day last month. This uses parallel processing to allow multicore systems to begin working on I/O requests without waiting for other cores to be complete. For SQL Server, this results in X quicker response and 60% more transactions processed. At the event, Ian Sanderson found out that this doesn’t specifically target SQL workloads, but instead uses a Least Recently Used caching mechanism to evict old data across the board.

Commentary: High Level Data Filtration

Dr. Rachel Traylor looks at Ixia’s approach to real-time network visibility. This uses high level data filtration from a database of known bad actors to quickly eliminate large chunks of data from their analysis engine. This allows them to not have to process the entire firehose of network data and gives each successive analysis layer additional efficiency.

A Thank You to Tech Field Day

Paul Woodward reflects back on the experience of his first Tech Field Day in this post. He found the three days of presentations surrounded by delegates from across the globe to be an exhilarating experience. We’re looking forward to seeing his thoughts on the presenting companies as part of #Blogtober!