Tech Field Day Culture and Values

Alastair Cooke is out in Austin for Tech Field Day this week. He’s no stranger to the events, so he shares some of his personal rules and best practices to get the most out of the event. We’re looking forward to seeing what he thinks of the presentations this time around.

Converged Infrastructure died a long time ago, right?

Should converged infrastructure have died a long time ago? Keith Townsend discusses on this CTO Advisor video, in light of the release of the Dell EMC VxBlock 1000. He argues that while CI might not be the hot new trend in IT, lots of customers still want and need it, especially in cases where applications aren’t certified to run on HCI. Keith is excited to hear more from Dell EMC on this at Tech Field Day next week.

Joining the TFD special team, again – TFD16

Raff Poltronieri will join the prestigious Four Timers Club when he makes his way down to Austin for Tech Field Day this month. In this post, he runs introduces the other delegates he’ll be spending the event with, and starts to look at what to expect from the presenting companies.

#TFD16 – Tech Field Day 16

Andrea Mauro will be with us when Tech Field Day returns to Austin on February 21-23. He’s looking forward to seeing the other delegates, hearing from Dell EMC, and finding out who the always enticing “secret company” is. To find out with Andrea, be sure to watch our live stream of the event, and join the conversation of Twitter with #TFD16.