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Ryan is a wireless networking engineer specializing in all things mobility from web apps to location services to WLAN design/deployment. With over a decade of experience as a systems engineer managing wired and wireless networks, virtualization environments, applications, and web infrastructures with a strong background in retail, healthcare, and higher education he has a wide range of skills to offer.

Although now focused on mobility, living and breathing it from day to day, it’s not uncommon to find him developing a new web application, shoehorning one API into another, soldering a new micro-controller into a purpose built tool, tinkering with the next big thing in IT in his home office, or simply cracking open a book and diving into one of the many technologies that fascinate him.

You can find him rambling about anything tech related on his blog at http://techvangelist.net or see him talking all things wireless at http://whiskeyandwireless.com.

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