Field Area Networking

Cisco’s Networking Field Day presentation on Field Area Networking definitely left an impression with delegate Nick Buraglio. He’s put together a Network Collective Short Take video on the subject, as well as writing up a blog post. He excited because what he saw would provide an alternative to LTE for low power remote IoT devices.

Short Take – Cisco Field Area Networking

At Networking Field Day earlier this year, Cisco presented on field area networking. Nick Buraglio was a delegate at the event, and shares his thoughts on what he saw in this Network Collective Short Take.

Cisco Candid

Based on what he saw of Cisco’s Network Assurance Engine at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe this year, Gian Paolo Boarina wrote up a thorough post covering some of it’s capabilities and implications for network admins.

Verify, Or Die Trying: Observations on Change Management

John Herbert takes a look at the challenges of change management in a network, and how Cisco’s Network Assurance Engine can make the process much more reliable and consistent.

Security Assurance in the Data Center with Cisco Candid

In this piece, Gian Paolo Boarina takes a look at Cisco’s Network Assurance Engine, which debuted at Cisco Live Europe earlier this year. He shows how this can provide configuration and state validation as well as security compliance testing for an ACI fabric.

Describing Network Automation: Automate the Coffee

David Gee started down his road to network automation with the founding of Cisco’s DevNet developer program back at Cisco Live Europe in 2014. Since then, various metaphors have been used to introduce the idea of network automation, but David has struck on one that seems to really resonate, automate your coffee! This introduces the idea of mapping all needed dependencies, which can be used to generate a workflow.

A look at Cisco Tetration

Jasper Bongert takes a look at Cisco’s Tetration, which he got details about at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. Jasper finds it similar in intent to looking at Netflow data, getting network telemetry without keeping full packet captures. But he highlights how Tetration is designed to do this for modern network architectures.

Game of Threats with Cisco AMP

At Cisco Live Europe, Dominik Pickhardt heard from the Cisco Security group. The presentation focused on updates for AMP for Endpoints. For Dominik, Cisco distinguishes themselves with integration for other AMP systems, as well as newly announced support for iOS.

The Winds of Change From January

Tom Hollingsworth had a whirlwind last two weeks of January, leading both Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley and Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe from Barcelona. In this post, he begins to organize his thoughts on the two events, including the state of Cisco turning away from hardware, the death of the CLI in 2018, as well as the continuing importance of containers and automation.

Bringing DevOps To Routing – Cisco XR

Larry Smith got his first deep dive into Cisco XR at Networking Field Day last month. This is Cisco’s Linux-based OS that adds application and configuration management to their platforms. This piece looks at how native and Docker application hosting works on XR, as well as how it supports ZTP and iPXE.

BiB 029: Cisco At NFD17 – Automation, Telemetry & Intent

In this episode of Briefings in Brief, Drew Conry-Murray and Greg Ferro discuss what they heard from Cisco during their Networking Field Day presentation last month. Like much of the networking world, Cisco focused on how they are bringing intent, automation, and telemetry into their ecosystem.

Is ACI Coming For The CLI?

Based on what Tom Hollingsworth saw at Tech Field Day Extra presentations from Cisco Live Europe, the Cisco-based CLI may be in trouble. Tom’s takeaway is that Cisco wants to use their Application-Centric Infrastructure to introduce a standard set of terms that can be used across device groups. This new standard lexicon, combined with alleviating the need to learn Python, make it an interesting approach to finally allow for the CLI to retire on Cisco gear.

Cisco Hyperflex 3.0 – A Mature Hyper-Converged Solution Ready for Next-Gen Workloads

Max Mortillaro gives his thoughts on HyperFlex 3.0, which he got a deep dive on at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. This release featured support for Hyper-V, 40 GbE networking, and self-encrypting drives. But for Max, the bigger accomplishment with the release is showing that Cisco is serious with innovating and remaining competitive with HyperFlex.

Brief Recap: Tech Field Day at Cisco Live Europe 2018

At Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe, Ivan Pepelnjak saw a dizzying array of presentations from Cisco, seventeen total in just two days. In this post, he breaks down some of his initial takeaways. The most memorable sessions off the bat were the Tetration dive into how they collect flow statistics in CloudScale ASICs, and Fred Niehaus’ wireless presentation. There was a lot to take in, and Ivan does a good job covering the busy event.

Off the Cuff – NFD17 Wrap Up

In the most recent “Off the Cuff” episode of Network Collective, the crew discussed what they saw at Networking Field Day last week. What happens when six delegates sit on a podcast together? Magic!

Networking Field Day 17: Hawt or Naught

WIth Networking Field Day in the rearview mirror, Chris Grundemann looks back at some of the trends from the presenters. He breaks down what’s in and out, and includes a lot of animated GIFs as a bonus!

Revisited: The Need for Stretched VLANs

In this post, Ivan Pepelnjak revisits an old saw inspired from Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe: Stretched VLANs. Ivan lays out why he’s skeptical of the need for stretched VLANs at all.

Networking Field Day @ Cisco Live

Make sure you’re following Nicola Arnoldi for all of his updates out of Tech Field Day Extra from Cisco Live Europe. It’s his first Field Day experience, so we’re looking forward to the new perspective!

My first day at Tech Field Days Extra @ Cisco Live 2018

In this post, Nicola Arnoldi shares some thoughts from Cisco Live Europe, including his first Tech Field Day Extra experience. During the presentation, Nicola got a look at Cisco’s multicloud strategy, their network assurance engine, and Tetration. That’s a lot of deep dives for the first day, but Nicola does a good job of sorting through the fire hose of information in the post.

Networking Field Day 17 (NFD17) Redux

John Herbert shares his parting thoughts from Networking Field Day last week. He touches on the two dominant themes he saw from the presenters, ever increasing automation and an emphasis on telemetry. He shares his favorite presentations as well. Make sure to watch the recorded video of the presentations to see for yourself.