The Britpop Battle of Rubrik and Cohesity

The rivalries between data protection companies remind Chris Evans of the glory days of 90s Britpop. Instead of Blur and Oasis, for him the rivals of this new vanguard are Rubrik and Cohesity. He sees both as working to centralize data protection to offer it as a service, with the ultimate goal of fending off cloud-based solutions.

Storage Field Day 15: Cohesity the solution for secondary data

Lino Telera was at Storage Field Day earlier this year, and got a look at Cohesity’s secondary storage solution. He looks at how their hybrid filesystem, SpanFS, is designed to provide visibility via a global file index of backed up virtual machines.

Cohesity Understands The Value Of What Lies Beneath

Cohesity presented at Storage Field Day earlier this month, and showed off their approach to unified secondary storage infrastructure. In this piece, Dan Frith looks at how the company doesn’t look at secondary storage as fragmented chaos, but rather an opportunity to modernize around this unstructured data. Dan reviews how they differentiate from their competitors, and how they are much more than a simple storage target for data protection.

Cohesity: A secondary storage solution for the Hybrid Cloud?

Chan Ekanayake has followed Cohesity since 2015, but got to drink from the secondary storage firehose during their presentation at Storage Field Day. Chan likes their solution and company direction, but thinks the key to their success ultimately depends on pricing.

Cohesity Basics – Auto Protect

There was a lot to digest from Cohesity’s Storage Field Day presentation. Dan Frith highlights their Auto Protect feature, which allows you to add a source and have Cohesity automatically protect all of the VMs in a folder or cluster, including any new VMs added to that source. Dan found it a great feature, although he wished it was turned on by default.

Cohesity SpanFS – a foundational shift

For some time now, Cohesity has been using the metaphor of the storage iceberg to show how secondary storage is often largely hidden, but a source of siloed frustration for IT. Chin-Fah Heoh heard from Cohesity at Storage Field Day, and learned how the company’s hyperconverged data platform helps address secondary storage in a unified way. Underlying this platform is SpanFS, their cloud-scale, distributed data protection filesystem.

Back to Silicon Valley for Storage Field Day 15

Storage Field Day kicks off 2018 in Silicon Valley next week. Lino Telera will be in attendance and a delegate. He’s looking forward to hearing from first time presenters like Huawei and IBM. Make sure to follow along with all the delegates on our live stream, as well as joining the conversation on Twitter with #SFD15.

Cohesity FlashProtect – a look into Pure Storage and Cohesity Integration

After Tech Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate, Max Mortillaro talks about the collaboration between Pure Storage and Cohesity saying it “is not only logical, but also important for both companies.” The addition of Cohesity as a secondary storage and data protection solution allows for a deep integration with Pure Storage snapshotting capabilities. Max says that this will provide an advantage to both parties, helping them extend their respective ecosystems and expand their market share.

Cohesity – a secondary storage leader in the making?

Max Mortillaro reviews what he saw from Cohesity at Tech Field Day this past November. He really seems to think their holistic focus on secondary storage could provide for major cost savings in an enterprise. Their dedupe abilities seem to really be able to reduce your secondary storage data footprint. With 80% of storage coming from disparate secondary sources, Cohesity seems designed to wrangle it all in one manageable interface.

Secondary Storage is Cohesity’s Primary Goal

It says something about Cohesity that they’ve energized a lot of Tech Field Day delegates. After all, their solution is about secondary storage, which might ordinarily be relegated to an afterthought. But Tim Smith appreciates their focus. He puts in succinctly at the end of his piece: All too often, vendors forget that not all data is created equal, and thus should not be treated equally. It’s a really great point and one that Cohesity takes to heart. Their hardware and storage platforms are designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of secondary storage. This encompasses not just backups, but all data not actively used in production. It’s a huge swath of data that’s just waiting to be property leveraged. Tim thinks Cohesity has developed a way to do this.

Cohesity – DataPlatform in the Cloud

Josh De Jong takes a look at what Cohesity presented at Tech Field Day. While still a relatively new company, Josh thinks they have an interesting solution for secondary storage. This includes not just backup, but all data that isn’t in active production. Cohesity can eliminate a lot of storage bottlenecks by moving test/dev instances off of primary storage, and use their SSD based cache to speed up the process. Josh also liked Cohesity’s DataPlatform CE, which can back up your VMs in cloud native formats. Overall, while not all of their feautures are novel to the platform, they seem to have a robust solution for secondary storage.

First Look at Cohesity Cloud Edition

Matt Crape follows up on his Cohesity primer now that he attended Tech Field Day. The big thing that he saw at their presentation was their introduction of the Cohesity Cloud Edition, which effectively lets you take their secondary storage solution and spin up an appliance in the cloud. Matt’s only compliant: Cohesity’s solution is so robust and feature complete, it seems like it would be a good way to handle primary storage!

The Silent Threat of Dark Data

How much do you think about secondary storage? Probably not a ton. It’s all the data that’s not mission critical, the reams of backup data, archives, test/dev, and machine generated data that lives in separate silos. Cohesity demoed a holistic solution to deal with this mess, but why do you need it? James Green knows the answer: dark data. All that data that sits in storage, without metadata or context, data you don’t even know is there. Its a problem for any business that keep financial or medical records. All it takes is one malicious attack, and all that data you didn’t even know you had becomes a huge liability. Cohesity’s solution seems like a ray of light into this work. James breaks down how exactly they go about it.

Cohesity Provides All of Your Secondary Storage Needs

Tech Field Day delegate Eric Shanks reviews what he saw from Cohesity. They’re offering a holistic offering in what they’re defining as secondary storage. Eric seemed impressed with how the Cohesity appliance handled backups, particularly not keeping numerous redundant copies in storage. He also liked that Cohesity can target any S3-compliant cloud service for backups as well. Overall, the simplicity of their offering seemed to appeal the most.

Cohesity Presents at Tech Field Day 12

It was a pleasure to hear from Cohesity and their future for secondary storage at Tech Field Day last week. Linda Sim from Cohesity shares some of the excited reaction from hosting our delegates, as well as sharing videos of the event. Check out the event page for video coverage of all of the presenting companies!

Cohesity bringing secondary storage to Tech Field Day

In this piece, Mike Preston gives a great preview of what he’s looking forward to from Cohesity later today at Tech Field Day. Aside from the company’s temporary proximity to the Stanley Cup, he’s interested in the company’s secondary storage solution. In particular, he likes that once backup data resides within Cohesity’s appliance, users can perform comprehensive search , as well as quickly create environment copies. Another highlight was the 3.0 release by the company to bring physical Windows and Linux support, allowing physical servers to use the solution along with already supported VMs. We’ll have the latest videos and updates from Cohesity after their presentation to our delegates, make sure to check back soon!

TFD 12 Primer: Cohesity

TFD 12 Primer: Cohesity

Cohesity Continues to Evolve

Cohesity Continues to Evolve

Cloud integration with Cohesity storage platform

Cloud integration with Cohesity storage platform

Cohesity Announces Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Cohesity Announces Hybrid Cloud Strategy