Podcast #3 – Chris & Matt Review the SFD18 Presenters

In this podcast episode, Chris Evan and Matt Leib did an off the cuff rundown of the Storage Field Day presenters. The event was jam packed with interesting IT companies, and the two do a great job of running through what stood out from Cohesity, Datera, IBM, NetApp, StorPool, VAST Data WekaIO and Western Digital.

Storage Field Day 18 – It’s as Intense as Storage Field Day Gets

It’s hard to believe it, but Storage Field Day next week will be Max Mortillaro’s 7th such event. It’s hard to image having one without him around the delegate table. Despite the prospect of jet lag and a little information overload, he’s excited to hear from the full roster of presenting companies on tap. Be sure to tune into the event live stream to catch all the presentations along with Max.

Cohesity Technology Update – Helios

Pietro Piutti follows up on some of his previous Cohesity posts, with a deep dive into the company’s cloud-specific features that he saw at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. He specifically highlights Helios, Cohesity’s SaaS-based unified Global Management system for all their Secondary Data and Applications. This is designed to be a Simple, Smart and, most importantly, Proactive solution.

Cohesity – One Software Platform for Multiple Cloud Use Cases

We were happy to have Dukagjin Maloku join us as a delegate at Cloud Field Day last month. At the event, he got to hear the latest from Cohesity. In this post, he looks at Cohesity’s DataPlatform, and considers some multi-cloud use cases he heard at the event. Overall Dukagjin thinks they have what it takes to be dominant in the secondary storage market, and is definitely a company to watch.

Dataset life cycle: Multi-cloud at Cohesity

Raff Poltronieri heard from Cohesity at Cloud Field Day last month. This presentation focused on the Cohesity DataPlatform, which Raff found pretty exciting. The presentation touched on how this could be used for long term retention and VM migration. Cohesity’s platform allows customers to avoid being locked in with a public cloud’s proprietary formats, giving great mobility and versatility.

Cohesity at #CFD4 – Secondary Storage is now Cloud Enabled

Pietro Piutti has been familari with Cohesity for a while, but their Cloud Field Day presentation this month struck him with their completeness of vision. In that presentation, the company did a deep dive into their cloud use cases. Just as the company has done for secondary storage on-premises, their cloud use cases seek to unify secondary storage, and prevent the cloud from becoming an expensive data silo with no visibility. With support for native cloud backup, access to the major public clouds, and an architecture that ensures data mobility, Pietro found their presentation compelling.

Cohesity: Much More than Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

At Cloud Field Day this month, Cohesity was able to broaden their conversation into new use cases than we’ve heard at their previous Field Day presentation. Ken Nalbone was impressed by the cloud functionality of the Cohesity Data Platform, including being able to create archives on multiple cloud providers, with individual and collective bandwidth caps, from a single policy. Overall, Ken found that Cohesity’s solutions have expanded considerably from their original “Hyperconverged Secondary Storage” offering.

Cohesity – Harnessing the Power of Data

Ather Beg was able to have his cake and eat it too at Cloud Field Day. The cake came courtesy of Cohesity, but luckily it wasn’t even close to the best part of their presentation. In this post, he outlines the features, benefits and questions he has about the Cohesity DataPlatform, which was presented extensively at the event.

Cloud Field Day 4: Cohesity Wows Delegates (and Twitter!) with Cloud Demos

Cohesity’s Chris Colotti wrote up a post about his experience at Cloud Field Day this month. It was his first chance to be involved with a Field Day event, and came away finding it well worth it. Chris found it interesting for a company generally associated with secondary storage to make a case to the Cloud Field Day audience. He shares some live delegate responses from Twitter, and looks forward to continue engaging with the delegate community.

EP14:- A chat bout #CFD4, news and what to look forward to

On the OpenTechCast, Ather Beg talks about his experience at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He looks at his experience signing up as a delegate, and reviews the companies he heard from. He highlights what stood out with LightStep, Cohesity, Aviatrix, and others. He also details a delegate trip to SETI Institute and some of the other activities not on our typical live stream.

Data Platform: the Cohesity solution to manage and optimize the fruition of enterprise data

Raff Poltronieri gives an overview of the Cohesity DataPlatform that he saw at Cloud Field Day this month in this piece. This is central to Cohesity’s vision for secondary storage, providing a unified space to access secondary data across a variety of uses, rather than have the same data replicated all over the place. All of this is exposed to open APIs, making it ideal for additional automation and orchestration.

First Impressions and Hands On With Cohesity

Chris Colotti may be a new hire for Cohesity, but that’s not stopping him from firing up Cohesity Virtual Edition in his home lab to get ready for VMworld. He agrees with what he heard from some of our Cloud Field Day delegates during the company’s presentation this month, the Cohesity Virtual Edition interface offers an impressively unified way to manage a cluster. In this post, he walks through deploying the software and some basic job set ups.

Flipping The Script – From Delegate to Presenter

Jon Hildebrand has flipped the script from Tech Field Day delegate to Cloud Field Day presenter for Cohesity. Here, he talks about his preparation for the event and what it takes to have a successful Tech Field Day presentation.

Cloud Field Day 4 (#CFD4) : A Heads-Up

Ather Beg gives an excellent rundown of each presenting sponsor for this week’s Cloud Field Day, explaining what each company does and why you should be interested. As a first-time delegate, he is excited to join the Tech Field Day community and looks forward to a great event.

The Britpop Battle of Rubrik and Cohesity

The rivalries between data protection companies remind Chris Evans of the glory days of 90s Britpop. Instead of Blur and Oasis, for him the rivals of this new vanguard are Rubrik and Cohesity. He sees both as working to centralize data protection to offer it as a service, with the ultimate goal of fending off cloud-based solutions.

Storage Field Day 15: Cohesity the solution for secondary data

Lino Telera was at Storage Field Day earlier this year, and got a look at Cohesity’s secondary storage solution. He looks at how their hybrid filesystem, SpanFS, is designed to provide visibility via a global file index of backed up virtual machines.

Cohesity Understands The Value Of What Lies Beneath

Cohesity presented at Storage Field Day earlier this month, and showed off their approach to unified secondary storage infrastructure. In this piece, Dan Frith looks at how the company doesn’t look at secondary storage as fragmented chaos, but rather an opportunity to modernize around this unstructured data. Dan reviews how they differentiate from their competitors, and how they are much more than a simple storage target for data protection.

Cohesity: A secondary storage solution for the Hybrid Cloud?

Chan Ekanayake has followed Cohesity since 2015, but got to drink from the secondary storage firehose during their presentation at Storage Field Day. Chan likes their solution and company direction, but thinks the key to their success ultimately depends on pricing.

Cohesity Basics – Auto Protect

There was a lot to digest from Cohesity’s Storage Field Day presentation. Dan Frith highlights their Auto Protect feature, which allows you to add a source and have Cohesity automatically protect all of the VMs in a folder or cluster, including any new VMs added to that source. Dan found it a great feature, although he wished it was turned on by default.

Cohesity SpanFS – a foundational shift

For some time now, Cohesity has been using the metaphor of the storage iceberg to show how secondary storage is often largely hidden, but a source of siloed frustration for IT. Chin-Fah Heoh heard from Cohesity at Storage Field Day, and learned how the company’s hyperconverged data platform helps address secondary storage in a unified way. Underlying this platform is SpanFS, their cloud-scale, distributed data protection filesystem.