Pure Storage Announces FlashRecover

Chris Evans, a frequent delegate at our Tech Field Day events, writes about the partnership between Pure Storage and Cohesity on the new FlashRecover solution. Chris analyzes and reviews the design for the new system as well as the implications for consumers. Be sure to give his analysis a read and take a look at the past Pure Storage and Cohesity Storage Field Day presentations on our website!

Pure Storage FlashRecover Brings Cohesity to FlashBlade

Pure Storage and Cohesity have teamed up to launch a new integrated product: the Pure Storage FlashRecover. This jointly engineered product has gotten the attention of Stephen Foskett. At Storage Field Day earlier this year, Stephen saw Cohesity’s presentations and gained a better understanding of the architecture of their products. You also might remember seeing FlashBlade introduced at Pure Accelerate 2016. Stephen writes that Pure Storage and Cohesity joining forces has a chance to make some real waves in storage.

The Definition of Secondary Storage Is Evolving – as Is Cohesity

The challenge of data management is nothing new, and the Enterprise Storage market has responded at both ends of the spectrum by providing mature, high performance solutions for primary datasets, and lower-cost archival solutions for less important bulk data. But many businesses are discovering a capability gap when attempting to store secondary data that falls into the “everything else” category. For this reason, Cohesity has begun to leverage its core capabilities to attack new problems as customer requirements, and the definition of secondary storage, continue to evolve. At Storage Field Day, the company showed off DataPlatform, which solves a set of challenges not addressed by high-end primary storage or low-cost archival storage. This provides a unified approach for storage of secondary data across both on-premises and cloud environments.

Cohesity at Tech Field Day in 2019

Alastair Cooke is getting ready for Storage Field Day, and is particularly excited to hear from Cohesity. He’s familiar with the company, but has never seen them live at a Field Day event yet. If you need to do your homework to get up to speed on their solutions, be sure to check out this post from Alastair, which organizes all of our video coverage of their past presentations.

Shared Responsibilities

Al Rasheed got to hear from Cohesity at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. The company is no stranger to the Field Day experience, so it’s always interesting to see what they present. In this post, Al looks at how Cohesity allows organizations to easily add protection for diverse sources, from on-prem to SaaS apps like Office365, to their platform. They showed how to get started, set policy, and actually implement backup. It’s a remarkable capability to have from the secondary storage stalwart.

Cohesity Looks to Exploit Secondary Data Value With MarketPlace

Since emerging as a secondary storage startup, Cohesity has continued to innovate in how to deliver the full value of data to their customers. In this post, Chris Evans looks at the latest implementation of that approach with Cohesity MarketPlace. This firmly moves the company into the data management sphere, with the ability to run AI/ML, analytics or other data-intensive applications on content stored in the Cohesity DataPlatform.

The Cohesity Powered Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud has become a reality for enterprise IT and has brought with it complexity and fragmentation. Cohesity believe’s their platform is something of a Swiss Army knife for data, aimed at simplifying data management by providing a unified experience. The company’s growth and progress towards the vision of a hybrid cloud data management platform is getting closer to a reality as the company and product mature. In this post, Ken Nalbone looks at what the company presented at Cloud Field Day and how it fits into their overall vision.

Rubrik, Cohesity and the Battle for NoSQL Backup

As always, Chris Evans has a keen insight into the backup market. He recently updated a post about Rubrik’s acquisition of Datos IO to add in some additional perspective on the NoSQL backup market. With Cohesity acquiring Imanis Data, Chris sees this as both companies trying to bridge the gap between traditional backup and data management, something always easier said than done.

Achieving Disaster Recovery SLAs in Minutes With Cohesity

Cohesity presented at Cloud Field Day last month, where the company announced workflows to leverage the Cohesity platform for disaster recovery. In this post, Jon Hildebrand digs into one of the options for the shortest recovery SLA option, Failover/Failback. He gives in overview of how this is handled on the platform, and how it enables a much more simplified DR method.

Cohesity: More on the Real Value of Data

For Matt Leib, backup is key to any business’s success, but only a part of it. Just as key for a business is the ability to recover data quickly and accurately. What’s caused secondary storage solutions, like Cohesity offers, to explode over the past few years is the ability to leverage backup data with analytics. At Storage Field Day, Cohesity showed a new wrinkle, now offering an App Store to easily link suites of applications together. This can greatly speed deployment across a variety of hardware. For Matt, it’s a sign of maturity for the secondary storage market, and a key differentiator for Cohesity.

How Cohesity Expands Data Protection Capabilities in the Cloud

Cohesity returned to Cloud Field Day earlier this year with an excellent presentation, and on the company blog, Jon Hildebrand wrote about what the company presented in this post. They reviewed their approach to offering a single cloud-native solution for backup and recovery workloads to span the public cloud and the data center. Be sure to check out the full edited video of their presentation.

Cloud Field Day – Cohesity

Ned Bellavance is doing his research ahead of Cloud Field Day next month. In this post, he’s giving Cohesity a closer look. While many cloud folks might think of Cohesity as a backup or data management company, Ned makes the case why they are becoming a major data aggregator. This starts with something like backup, or perhaps managing secondary storage. But for Ned, now that the company has that data, why not index and do more with it, which is exactly the capability Cohesity is building out. He’s excited to see what the company will present at Cloud Field Day.

#91 – Storage Field Day 18 in Review

In this episode of the Storage Unpacked podcast, Chris Evans and Martin Glassborow discuss what happened at Storage Field Day last month. The companies pretty cleanly divided between scale-out primary storage and data protection solutions. They touch on all the presenters, and where listeners can learn more about the event. Be sure to give it a listen as a preview before watching all of the event presentation video on our site.

Democratizing Data Management

Enrico Signoretti wrote up an excellent piece on how Cohesity and NetApp are approaching the data management market. He shared it on his blog, as well as the Gigaom link here.

Cohesity – The Gold Standard in Data Management

Max Mortillaro heard an update from Cohesity at Storage Field Day last month. This post, Max puts what he saw in the context of what data management and secondary storage mean to both business and IT use cases. In either case, he finds Cohesity to offer a gold standard, one that should continue to expand with their newly announced developer portal to easily add 3rd party programs on their Cohesity DataPlatform.

Clever Cohesity

It’s not often that the delegates at Storage Field Day found enlightenment during a presentation. But that’s exactly what happened during Cohesity’s presentation for Chin-Fah Heoh. They demoed the Cohesity App Marketplace at the event. This made Chin-Fah rethink the company, not as a universal data services platform for secondary data. Rather, as CEO Mohit Aron stated, “data protection is just an app.” The marketplace shows him that the company is now focused on bringing the best possible value of the data to the business.

Democratizing Data Management

At Storage Field Day last month, Enrico Signoretti got to hear a few different takes on what data management will look like in the future. He think Cohesity has had the right idea on the subject for a while, with the addition of an application marketplace making things even easier for customers. But NetApp really impressed by showing how SnapMirror replication to make copies of data in the cloud, making data easily accessible to lots of people in an organization. While NetApp’s product isn’t quite as mature as their vision, Enrico think both companies are doing a superb job with their data management strategies.

Cohesity Is (Data)Locked In

Cohesity presented at Storage Field Day last month, and Dan Frith was there to get the secondary storage deep dive from the company. The features that you get with Cohesity are well known, so Dan focuses on what really piqued his interest: Cohesity’s archival features and ransomeware protection.

Storage Field Day 18 – Fifty Shades of Disclosure

Max Mortillaro attended Storage Field Day last month as a delegate. At the event, he got to experience a dense schedule of presentations from emerging and prominent IT storage companies. Be sure to check out the full video coverage of the event to see the same great content that Max got to experience.

Leveraging Backup to Advance Your Decision Making

Keith Townsend looks into what he saw from Cohesity at Storage Field Day. The company revolutionized the scale-out backup appliance by fitting it into an overall vision for unified secondary storage. At the event, they showed off their App Store, allowing for devs to deploy software services directly on the platform. This can allow for machine learning and analytics to be run directly on secondary data.