ThinkPiece: Cloud Field Day: Can an old dog, learn new tricks?

At Cloud Field Day Michelle Laverick saw some encouraging sign from established companies adapting to the reality of the cloud. NetApp, Oracle, and Veritas all showed that despite being incumbent companies, they have identified how to be competitive against newer cloud-focused startups. This often involved spinning up entirely new teams that can operate with agility. Not every company was convincing in their cloud play, but Michelle was definitely impressed to see older companies making moves to stay competitive with the cloud giants.

California here I Come – Cloud Field Day

We’re excited to have Michelle Laverick coming out to Silicon Valley for Cloud Field Day next week. She’ll be seeing a wide range of companies in the cloud infrastructure market, including two “secret companies”! It’ll be a week full of presentations and insightful questions. Be sure to watch along on our livestream, as well as joining the conversation on Twitter using #CFD3.

Michelle Laverick

Was born in the area of the UK called “Teesside” and I would describe myself as a “techknowologist”. Sharing my understanding and knowledge of technology with others. From 2012-14, I worked for VMware as their Senior Cloud Infrastructure Evangelist, in Competitive Marketing Team. In Sept, 2014 I switched the EVO:RAIL team at VMware, with general […]