Michelle Laverick

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Was born in the area of the UK called “Teesside” and I would describe myself as a “techknowologist”. Sharing my understanding and knowledge of technology with others.

From 2012-14, I worked for VMware as their Senior Cloud Infrastructure Evangelist, in Competitive Marketing Team. In Sept, 2014 I switched the EVO:RAIL team at VMware, with general technical marketing responsibilities. In Dec, 2015 I left VMware to take what I called a “a grown-up gap year”. This allowed me to do some small amount of travelling though physical space, and large amount of travelling in the mind. I also spent time on creative projects including writing and performing. Right now, I’m volunteering for a charity and at two museums in my local area – whilst I work what to next and think about my next gig.

Before joining VMware I was an independent for 10 years. I’m a former freelance VMware Certified Instructor with 17 years of experience in technologies such as Novell (NCT), Windows (MCT), Citrix (VCI) and of course VMware (VCI). Since 2003, I have been involved with the VMware community. I am a VMware forum moderator and member of the London VMware User Group – and until recently I was active on the Steering Committee there. I also attend the independent Virtual Machine User Group that meets regularly in Leeds and elsewhere in the North. I’ve been a vExpert for the last three years first receiving the award in 2009 as recognition for my contributions to the Community. I’ve tried to help found the Irish and Scottish VMware user groups and in 2011 spoke each month at larger regional events organised by the Global VMUG in North America, EMEA and APAC. I’ve published several books on VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, vSphere4, Site Recovery Manager and View.

I was also the person behind the virtualization website and blog RTFM Education, where I published free guides and utilities for VMware customers. RTFM Education was sold to TechTarget, Inc a media company in Boston, MA. For two years I contributed articles, How To’s and Ebooks for them. After affiliating to TechTarget (2009-2012) I found the time to run a weekly podcast called the Chinwag and the Vendorwag. Intended to carry on Chinwagging whilst I was at VMware. But I kind of ran out of time and ran out of puff for doing it. So that’s been dormant for some time now.