Cloudian Announces HyperFile, Makes Object Better

If you’re interested in 840TB of object storage in 4RU with strict S3 compliance, than Cloudian’s new HyperStore 4000 appliance might be for you. Dan Frith got a look at it at Storage Field Day last month. He found the addition of “converged access” makes it interesting for anyone that needs support for file and object storage in the data center.

Elastifile Add More Elasticity To Their Offering

After seeing them at Storage Field Day earlier this year, Dan Frith shares his experience with recent updates from Elastifile. The company offers a Cross-cloud Data Fabric to solve the typical data management problems of hybrid-cloud deployments. Dan found the solution flexible, with notable features like encryption at rest coming soon.

Primary Data – Seeing the Future

As 2017 comes to a close, there’s the inevitable glut of predictions as to what’s in store for the next year. IT is no exception to this, and Dan Frith entertains some from Primary Data. Dan saw the company present at Storage Field Day earlier this year, and looks at their predictions for what 2018 will bring for software-defined storage and HCI.

X-IO Announces ISE 900 Series G4

X-IO released their ISE 900 Series G4, an upgraded all-flash array. The new product packages in ISE hardware and software features, an now adds individual hot-swappable drives and Performance-Optimized Deduplication. Dan Frith finds it a compelling product, and appreciates X-IO positioning it as offering a feature rich AFA for a good price.

Have Axellio Edge, Will Travel

Dan Frith gives a look at X-IO’s Portable Axellio Edge Computing System, which is designed to allow for easily transferring edge computing data via a luggable form factor. This separates compute resources into a large hard case for checking on a flight, with NVMe drives in a smaller carry-on case. It may not be the easiest way to travel, but sometimes using old fashioned sneakernet is the most secure way to move your data.

Kingston’s NVMe Line-up Is The Life Of The Party

At Kingston’s Tech Field Day Extra presentation from VMworld, they showed off what the company is doing with NVMe. They reminded the delegates that NVMe isn’t a new type of media, but rather a protocol, one with radical simpler calls than something like SATA. Dan Frith was impressed by the speeds and various form factors the versatile protocol inhabits.

Druva Is Useful, And Modern

Druva recently previewed their Druva Cloud Platform at a Tech Field Day Extra presentation from VMworld. Dan Frith thinks it’s an interesting combination of their Phoenix and inSync products into a single platform. The platform’s strength lies in its predictable cost model to customer and source side global deduplication.

The Thing About NetApp HCI Is …

NetApp went into details on their new hyperconverged infrastructure offering during their Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld. Dan Frith gives his thought on their entrant into this crowded market. He doesn’t bother with the semantics of whether this is “true” HCI. Instead he notes that NetApp impressively builds on their SolidFire storage solution to build an offering that offers the ability to scale compute and storage independently with easy provisioning expected from HCI.

Tech Field Day – I’ll Be At TFD Extra at VMworld US 2017

VMworld US is almost upon us. We’ll be hosting a number of Tech Field Day Extra presentations at the event, with companies like NetApp, Kingston, Druva, and Pluribus Networks. Dan Frith will be there as a delegate and we’re looking forward to seeing what he thinks.

Uila are Using Your Network (and some smart analytics) to Understand What’s Really Going On

After viewing Uila’s presentation at Tech Field Day 13, Dan Frith discusses their unique approach to monitoring and root cause analysis, saying they shine at making the trip from data collection to problem identification a quick and easy process.

Primary Data Attacks Application Ignorance

At Primary Data’s Storage Field Day presentation, they brought up the idea that applications are “unaware”. This ignorance is to the underlying infrastructure, as they are not generally written with a specific set of hardware or specification in mind. Dan Frith shares his thoughts on their solution to this problem, DataSphere, “a metadata engine that automates the flow of data across the enterprise infrastructure and the cloud to meet evolving application demands”.

Storage Field Day 13 – Wrap-up and Link-o-rama

Dan Frith finishes up his coverage of Storage Field Day and the Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate. This includes links to all his coverage, other delegates, and his closing thoughts on the events.

StorageCraft Are In Your Data Centre And In The Cloud

At StorageCraft’s Storage Field Day presentation, Dan Frith was reminded of why he’s liked using their solutions in the past. The world of DRaaS, offers a “terribly simple” way to get it up and running. And when disaster does strike, the ability to immediately use their cloud as a failover means you don’t lose a lot of time in recovery either.

SNIA’s Swordfish Is Better Than The Film

At Storage Field Day, SNIA presented on their Swordfish, their scalable storage management standard. With the way that storage has radically changed in the data center over the last fifteen years, Dan think that projects like Swordfish demonstrate just how vital SNIA has become in the industry.

ScaleIO Is Not Your Father’s SDS

Dan Frith looks at ScaleIO, a Dell EMC software-defined storage solution. He runs down the comprehensive feature list in the article, and finds that with the right hardware combination, ScaleIO can offer compelling block storage performance across a variety of use cases. Dan definitely recommends giving it a try for yourself.

Dell EMC’s Isilon All-Flash Is Starting To Make Sense

Dell EMC’s Isilon has a long history in the scale-out NAS market. Dan Frith writes up his thoughts on their latest all-flash offering. He sees this as useful in the media/entertainment vertical that Isilon already serves, where the trasition to higher resolution 4K media dramatically increases requirements. It may never be a solution for organization on a budget, but Dan sees it as well positioned for demanding workloads.

X-IO Technologies Are Living On The Edge

Dan Frith looks at X-IO’s Axellio platform, their new entry into edge computing. The platform was designed to enable processing of streaming data as close to ingest as possible, with the resulting analytics sent back to a data center. Dan thinks Axellio is well designed for that purpose, even if it might not be applicable to the legacy systems he often works with.

Dell EMC’s in the Midst of a Midrange Resurrection

Dan Frith got an update on Dell EMC’s midrange Unity portfolio at Storage Field Day earlier this month. He found the line significantly more refined compared to its rather rough launch, now merging file, block or VMware Virtual Volume storage sharing in the same storage pool. The included data services also show that Dell EMC is listening to their customers. It’s a sign to Dan that midrange, while not the most exciting, is still receiving the attention it deserves.

NetApp Doesn’t Want You To Be Special (This Is A Good Thing)

At Storage Field Day, NetApp’s Andy Banta spoke about the death of the specialized admin in enterprise IT. As infrastructures become automated and easier to managed, and as hardware shifts increasingly toward commodity, there becomes less of a need for these admins in an organization. Dan found it a fascinating discussion, in that it showed some of that context and consequences of the new technical solutions generally presented at Tech Field Day events.

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure//Accelerate 2017 – FlashBlade 2.0

Pure Storage’s FlashBlade 2.0 has been getting a lot of coverage coming out of Pure Accelerate, and Dan Frith is no exception. In their Storage Field Day Exclusive presentation, Pure Storage went over how FlashBlade is designed now to scale beyond fifteen blades, and went into detail on other architectural features and refinements.