VMware – VMworld 2019 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Dan Frith is a frequent guest around the delegate table, and we were thrilled to have him for some of the presentations for Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019. In this post, he looks back on everything that he did during the hectic travel to and participation in VMworld this year. Be sure to check out all of Dan’s great writing from the event.

Tech Field Day 19 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

It’s always a pleasure when Dan Frith comes to a Field Day event. Not only does he provide great articles going into detail about the presentations, but he also highlight and signal boosts writings by the other delegates. In this post, he shares posts from his fellow delegates from his most recent Tech Field Day event. Be sure to check it out for a lot of great writing.

Automation Anywhere – the Bots Are Here to Help

Robotic Process Automation isn’t a topic we’ve seen a lot of at Tech Field Day in the past, which is why the presentation from Automation Anywhere really grabbed a lot of attention. Dan Frith digs into their presentation in this piece. While the topic might have been new to the delegates, Automation Anywhere has been at the game since 2003 and is well established in the space. For Dan, the exciting advantage of RPA is not that it can change how we work, but rather change what we can work on.

Druva – in the Cloud, of the Cloud, Protecting the Cloud

Druva is no stranger to Field Day events, and Dan Frith got to hear an update about the company at Tech Field Day last month. The presentation began with an overview of data protection history and some of the historical challenges. It was interesting to see what all has been solved in that time. In this piece, Dan Frith was impressed with Druva’s focus. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, they focus on meeting customer requirements for data protection.

VMware vRealize – Operations Without Operators

At Tech Field Day, VMware presented on their four tenants for self-driving operations: Continuous Performance Optimization, Efficient Capacity Management, Intelligent Remediation, and Integrated Compliance. Dan Frith looks at how these elements are integrated into vRealize Operations. For him, it was eye opening to see the capabilities, and reinforced the point that the solution is so much more than a glorified dashboard.

NetApp Wants You to See the Whole Picture

Dan Frith is no stranger to Storage Field Day, but last month was the first time he attended a Tech Field Day event. Luckily there was a familiar face presenting at the event with NetApp. They presented on their Cloud Insights solution, which presenting into what turned into an overall theme of the event of management and monitoring. Dan was really intrigued by the ability of Cloud Insights to give a full picture of application services, with operating systems and underlying hardware.

Ixia Helps You See All the Stuff You Need to See

Dan Frith heard from Ixia at Tech Field Day last month. While the company was acquired by KeySight a few years ago, they still bring a long legacy of network insight and visibility to the market. At the event, they talked a lot about Vision X, their modular network packet broker. This is designed to offer a flexible feature set today, that can be built out by developers over time. It aims to offer high performance, high density visibility. For Dan, getting that visibility across the stack is incredibly valuable for modern IT.

Tech Field Day 19 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Dan Frith is a familiar site at the delegate table for Storage Field Day, but last month he was able to attend his first Tech Field Day, seeing presentations from across data center verticals. In this post, Dan outlines what was provided during the event, where he went, and gives an impression of the overall Field Day event experience.

I Met Stephen Foskett

In this post, Jim Palmer details his experience meeting Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett. Jim had previously attended Wireless Field Day last year, but got invited to Tech Field Day this year. Getting exposed to new technology and new people was a really unique opportunity and it was great to have Jim at the event. He even got Stephen to explain RAID storage to him!

Tech Field Day 19 – Day 0

Dan Frith crossed an ocean to join us at Tech Field Day this week. He usually writes a prolific amount for each event, and we love every bit of it. In this piece, he previews the event, provides the full schedule and embeds the live stream. It’s always great to get Dan’s insight from these presentations, and we can’t wait to read more.

Tech Field Day – I’ll Be at Tech Field Day 19

Dan Frith is a familiar face at Storage Field Day events, but we’re excited to have him around the table for Tech Field Day next week. We love bringing together perspectives from across the data center at these events, and Dan’s considerable storage pedigree should prove invaluable. Be sure to mark your calendar for the live stream to watch along with Dan.

Dell Technologies World 2019 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World was full of excellent presentations and great conversations with the delegates. In this post, Dan Frith shares some of his final thoughts from the event, as well as sharing a lot of great resources and writings inspired by the event. Be sure to check out all the posts, as well as the full video of all the presenters.

Big Switch Are Bringing the Cloud to Your DC

We were happy to have Dan Frith along as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. One of the presenters at the even was Big Switch Networks. He was definitely impressed by Big Switch’s networking approach, with a focus on cloud-native and API integration front and center. For shops that have to demonstrate the value of any infrastructure investment, Dan thinks Big Switch offers an ideal solution.

Kemp Keeps ECS Balanced

At Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, Kemp presented on their newly validated load balancing solution for Dell EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage. Dan Frith makes the argument that while ECS comes with some integrated load balancing, Kemp is able to offer improved service availability and resilience, ultimately delivering more value from your infrastructure.

Liqid Are Dynamic in the DC

Dan Frith crossed an ocean to join us in the desert for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. There he heard from the composable infrastructure company Liqid. While he still thinks CI isn’t set to completely dominate the data center, he found “the possibilities that composable infrastructure present to organisations that have possibly struggled in the past with getting the right resources to the right workload at the right time are really interesting.”

Dell Technologies World 2019 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Dan Frith made another sojourn across the ocean to attend Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. He got to hear presentations from Big Switch, Liqid, and Kemp. Be sure to watch all the presentations to get a sense of the event. In this post, Dan discloses where he went and what he had while attending the overall conference.

Dell – Dell Technologies World 2019 – See You Soon Las Vegas

If there’s an event that will talk about storage, it’s always a good idea to have Dan Frith there. That’s why we’re thrilled to have him along as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. He’s looking forward to seeing what announcements Dell EMC has on tap for the event.

Storage Field Day 18 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

It’s always a pleasure to have Dan Frith at an event, and the most recent Storage Field Day was no exception. As always Dan provides a comprehensive list of not just the posts he’s written, but those from all the other delegates as well. If you want to get caught up on all the delegates thoughts from the event, it’s a great place to start!

Datera and the Rise of Enterprise Software-Defined Storage

In this post, Dan Frith takes a look at what Datera presented at Storage Field Day earlier this year. This isn’t the first time Dan has looked at their “Enterprise Software-Defined Storage” solutions, and he remains impressed how the company blends continuous optimization with high availability. This positions them as a unique value proposition in an otherwise crowded software-defined datacenter world. They seem to have the right blend of product and messaging to bridge the glacial inertia typical of enterprise storage with top-down management trying to move to the cloud.

WekaIO Continues to Evolve

WekaIO definitely made an impression on the Storage Field Day delegates last month, and Dan Frith is no exception. In this post, he looks at WekaIO Matrix. This is a feature rich software-defined storage solution that can run across a breadth of environments, offering performance faster than a local system. The do this with a storage architecture built to take advantage of the native capabilities of flash, without worrying about legacy HDD. Dan thinks they made a compelling case to move people who need the performance of DAS with the benefits of distributed storage.