NetApp and the StorageGRID Evolution

Dan Frith is no stranger with Storage Field Day and the storage industry at large. It’s that kind of deep expertise that lends itself to excellent analysis of each presenter. In this post, Dan breaks down the updates he heard from NetApp on their object storage platform, StorageGRID. For Dan, the update really shows how the workloads people are using for object storage have changed, and how NetApp is working to stay on top of this to offer a compelling product to customers. They also showed off new hardware in the form of the SG1000 compute appliance, the dense SG6060 with a 2PB per node capacity, and the all-flash SGF6024. With Dan’s background with service providers, he really appreciates the flexible deployment models NetApp offers, with multi-tenancy built into the solution from the ground up.

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NetApp And The StorageGRID Evolution


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