Dell – Dell Technologies World 2019 – See You Soon Las Vegas

If there’s an event that will talk about storage, it’s always a good idea to have Dan Frith there. That’s why we’re thrilled to have him along as a delegate for Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World. He’s looking forward to seeing what announcements Dell EMC has on tap for the event.

Storage Field Day 18 – Wrap-Up and Link-O-Rama

It’s always a pleasure to have Dan Frith at an event, and the most recent Storage Field Day was no exception. As always Dan provides a comprehensive list of not just the posts he’s written, but those from all the other delegates as well. If you want to get caught up on all the delegates thoughts from the event, it’s a great place to start!

Datera and the Rise of Enterprise Software-Defined Storage

In this post, Dan Frith takes a look at what Datera presented at Storage Field Day earlier this year. This isn’t the first time Dan has looked at their “Enterprise Software-Defined Storage” solutions, and he remains impressed how the company blends continuous optimization with high availability. This positions them as a unique value proposition in an otherwise crowded software-defined datacenter world. They seem to have the right blend of product and messaging to bridge the glacial inertia typical of enterprise storage with top-down management trying to move to the cloud.

WekaIO Continues to Evolve

WekaIO definitely made an impression on the Storage Field Day delegates last month, and Dan Frith is no exception. In this post, he looks at WekaIO Matrix. This is a feature rich software-defined storage solution that can run across a breadth of environments, offering performance faster than a local system. The do this with a storage architecture built to take advantage of the native capabilities of flash, without worrying about legacy HDD. Dan thinks they made a compelling case to move people who need the performance of DAS with the benefits of distributed storage.

VAST Data – No More Tiers Means No More Tears?

Dan Frith is shedding no tears for tiers after seeing VAST Data come out of stealth at Storage Field Day last month. Leveraging a greenfield architecture built around NVMe over fabric and Storage Class Memory, they claim to offer Tier 1 performance at scale without the actual cost of Tier 1 storage. Dan was definitely impressed by the ambition of their approach, and thinks their disaggregated share-everything approach to storage is impressive.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus – More Than Meets the Eye

Dan Frith attended Storage Field Day in February and got an update on IBM’s Spectrum Protect Plus software. After learning about it at Storage Field Day 15, Dan recognized the importance of their approach to data protection. With this update, he sees that the company is working to enable their customers to modernize data protection with new use cases and analytics.

Western Digital Are Keeping Composed

Although they presented a broad set of technology and products at Storage Field Day in February, Dan Frith focused on Western Digital’s composable infrastructure offerings. He likes their story and sees composability as a technology to “free the average enterprise IT shop from the shackles of resource management ineptitude”. It’s not magic, but it’s certainly cool!

StorPool and the Death of Hardware-Defined Storage

Dan Frith got to hear from StorPool at Storage Field Day last week. The company has been in the software-defined storage game for a while, and offers a solution that lets you pool attached disk and SSD storage on servers into single shared block storage pool. Dan was impressed they include a robust set of data management features on top. He sees this as particularly appealing to service providers. While “hardware-defined” storage isn’t going away tomorrow, for Dan, solutions like StorPool show that SDS can definitely deliver compelling solutions without being locked into hardware.

NetApp and the Space in Between

For Dan Frith, NetApp’s presentation at Storage Field Day was a little extra special, as they got to hear from co-founder Dave Hitz on his last day. He outlined the current state of NetApp’s cloud strategy, something that Dan thinks is underrated in IT. They’ve had some missteps along the way, but Dave outlined why some workloads don’t move to the cloud, why most will, and how NetApp is creating cloud storage solutions aimed to bridge the gap.

Cohesity Is (Data)Locked In

Cohesity presented at Storage Field Day last month, and Dan Frith was there to get the secondary storage deep dive from the company. The features that you get with Cohesity are well known, so Dan focuses on what really piqued his interest: Cohesity’s archival features and ransomeware protection.

Storage Field Day 18 – Day 0

Dan Frith is no stranger to Storage Field Day, but it’s still always a treat when he decides to cross the ocean and join as at the event. In this post, Dan previews the events, includes a full schedule, and even links to the video. Be sure to check out our full event playlist to see all the same presentations as the illustrious Mr. Frith.

Komprise Continues to Gain Momentum

After hearing from Komprise at Storage Field Day late last year, Dan Frith got to have a deeper conversation with their president and COO Krishna Subramanian. This was based on a new round of funding for the company. For Dan, he still finds their unstructured data management solution to be an under appreciated but vital need for most organizations. Adding features like NAS to NAS migration and deeper analytics only sweetens the deal.

Storage Field Day – I’ll Be At Storage Field Day 18

World traveler and storage guru Dan Frith will make his way from Down Under to join us for Storage Field Day in late February. While in Silicon Valley, he’ll get to hear from long time storage veterans like Western Digital and NetApp, along with disruptive startups like Cohesity, Datera, and WekaIO. Dan is no stranger to the event, and we’re looking forward to his thoughts on the presentations. Be sure to mark your calendar and watch along on our live stream!

NVMesh 2 – A Compelling Sequel From Excelero

Dan Frith saw Excelero emerge from Stealth at Storage Field Day last year. Now the company has released a major update to their NVMe pooling software solution, NVMesh 2. This adds MeshConnect with TCP/IP and Fibre Channel support, MeshProtect with parity-based redundancy and mirroring, and MeshInspect for analytics. Dan sees this release smoothing out some of the rough edges of NVMesh 1, and making it a lot more attractive for enterprise customers.

Storage Field Day 17 – Wrap-up and Link-o-rama

It’s always great to have Dan Frith as a delegate for Storage Field Day. In this post, Dan puts together a list of all of his and other delegate coverage from the event. It’s an impressive amount of quality coverage. As more rolls in, be sure to check back at the Storage Field Day event page for a comprehensive list.

StarWind Continues To Do It Their Way

Dan Frith heard a presentation from StarWind at Storage Field Day last month. He likes the company because they look to innovate to solve everyday storage problems in the enterprise. In this presentation, they focused on NVMe over Fabrics, looking at their developments of NVMe SPDK for Windows Server, and a NVMe initiator for CentOS.

Intel’s Form Factor Is A Factor

Dan Frith got to see Intel’s Optane team present at Storage Field Day last month. At their presentation, the company explained why they are iterating on storage form factors, including their recently released “ruler” drives. These are designed to solve density and temperature issues, allowjng for more storage in a given rack size.

NGD Systems Are On The Edge Of Glory

Dan Frith got to see NGD Systems at Storage Field Day last month. In this post, he writes up his thoughts about how NGD is approaching the problem of edge computing. Their approach isn’t simply to move the compute layer to a remote location, but rather to move compute directly onto the storage layer. This provides a cheaper alternative than moving the data to a central location, with massive latency and parallelism benefits as well. You don’t have to be “Gaga” to see the benefits in that.

I Need Something Like Komprise For My Garage

At Storage Field Day, Dan Frith heard from Komprise, and how they are helping organizations manage the deluge of unstructured data. Using advanced policy-based management, Komprise is able to identify cold data and redirect it before it hit advanced data workflows or data protection schemes best used for hot data. Dan just wishes now he had something similar to deal with his storage problems in his garage at home.

Storage Field Day 17 – (Fairly) Full Disclosure

Having Dan Frith along as a delegate for a Field Day event means two things. He’s written a steady stream of posts giving detailed and insightful looks at the presenting companies. But he’s also written his regular disclosure/event journal about things he did outside of the event presentation themselves. We’ve come to expect this kind of rigor from Mr. Frith. He does not disappoint here.