Networking Field Day 6

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Ivan Pepelnjak, Jason Edelman, Stephen Foskett, Brent Salisbury, Ethan Banks, Claire Chaplais, Anthony Burke, Tom Hollingsworth, Bob McCouch, Greg Ferro, Chris Marget, Ed Horley, Brandon Carroll, Matt Oswalt, Carole Warner Reece
Networking Field Day 6 September 11-13, 2013
Who: Networking
What: Field Day
When: Past
Where: Silicon Valley

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Presenting Sponsors

Presenting sponsors are selected by the Field Day organizing committee. For information on becoming a Field Day presenter, please see our page about presenting at Tech Field Day.

Delegate Panel

Delegates are selected by the Field Day Delegate community. For more information on our selection process, please see our page about becoming a Field Day Delegate.

Anthony Burke


Engineering his way 'downunder' to the CCIE.

Bob McCouch


Bob McCouch, CCIE #38296, is a networking consultant in Pennsylvania, USA, with over 10 years of industry experience.

Brandon Carroll


CCIE Instructor, Blogger, and Technology Enthusiast

Brent Salisbury


Brent Salisbury works as a Network Architect, CCIE #11972.

Carole Warner Reece


Carole is a senior network consultant for NetCraftsmen with over fifteen years of industry experience.

Chris Marget


Chris is an independent network consultant, recovering UNIX sysadmin and protocol aficionado

Ed Horley


Soon to be Author, Blogger, NA and CA IPv6 Task Force, Microsoft MVP, IT Pro, Network Engineer, Technical Speaker, IPv6 Evangelist

Ethan Banks


Network architect, CCIE, podcaster & blogger.

Greg Ferro


Greg is a freelance Network Architect and Engineer, host of Packet Pushers Podcast and semi-professional writer.

Ivan Pepelnjak


Ivan Pepelnjak, CCIE#1354 Emeritus, is a network architect and independent blogger at AG.

Jason Edelman


Jason Edelman, CCIE 15394, is a Senior Solutions Architect at a VAR focused on emerging networking technologies.

Matt Oswalt


Matt Oswalt is a datacenter network engineer, blogger, and podcast host

Presentation Calendar

Most presentations are streamed live on this page, at, and at some delegate and presenter web sites. After the event, the following pages contain video recordings of these presentations.

Wednesday, Sep 11 09:30-11:30 Spirent Presents at Networking Field Day 6
Wednesday, Sep 11 13:00-15:00 Plexxi Presents at Networking Field Day 6
Wednesday, Sep 11 15:30-17:30 ThousandEyes Presents at Networking Field Day 6
Thursday, Sep 12 10:00-12:00 WildPackets Presents at Networking Field Day 6
Thursday, Sep 12 13:00-15:00 Big Switch Presents at Networking Field Day 6
Thursday, Sep 12 16:00-18:00 Nuage Networks Presents at Networking Field Day 6
Friday, Sep 13 08:00-10:00 SolarWinds Presents at Networking Field Day 6
Friday, Sep 13 10:30-12:30 Aruba Networks Presents at Networking Field Day 6

Event Staff

Claire Chaplais


Stephen Foskett


Tom Hollingsworth


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  13. Plexxi Data Services Engine
  14. DPI in Controller Networks – Jason Edelman’s Blog
  15. Plexxi – Optimized Workload and Workflow
  16. Big Switch Networks and the (possible) Future of Networking Hardware
  17. Solarwinds RAW
  18. Can You Find SQL Injection Vulnerabilities with Spirent Avalanche NEXT?
  19. The Point of Software Defined Networking
  20. Network Field Day 6 – Post Mortem
  21. ThousandEyes Peers Into Cloud Performance
  22. Tightening the screws
  23. Aruba RAP-3 Remote Access Point – A Hands On Review
  24. To ULA or not to ULA, That’s the Question
  25. Spirent Avalanche NEXT – Making Network Testing Approachable
  26. Nuage Networks at Network Field Day 6
  27. ThousdandEyes and onePK
  28. Configure physical firewalls based on VM groups? Sure, use DSE from Plexxi
  29. My Networking Field Day 6 Experience
  30. Understanding The SolarWinds Value Proposition
  31. SDN Product Rundown from September
  32. ThousandEyes: A Better Cloud-Based Application Performance Monitoring Solution
  33. The Vision Of A ThousandEyes
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  35. Monitor Public SaaS Providers with ThousandEyes
  36. Test virtual appliance throughput with Spirent Avalanche NEXT
  37. Dizzy from the Kool-Aid
  38. Show 162 – The Bourbonator Rises at #NFD6
  39. What is the Plexxi Data Services Engine And How Does It Fit Into SDN?
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  48. NFD6 Vendor Preview: Big Switch
  49. NFD6 Vendor Preview: Plexxi
  50. Software Defined Networking vs. Traditional Networking
  51. Getting Ready for Networking Field Day 6 (NFD6)
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More Information

If you would like to sponsor or attend these events as a delegate, please contact Stephen Foskett, Gestalt IT Community Organizer, at [email protected] or call +1(508)451-9532.

This is a Past Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley