Storage Field Day 4

SFD4 Group Photo
L-R: Enrico Signoretti, Lauren Malhoit, Ray Lucchesi, Scott D. Lowe, Joep Piscaer, Hans De Leenheer, Luca Dell'Oca, Stephen Foskett, Claire Chaplais, Tom Hollingsworth, Howard Marks, Arjan Timmerman, Ed Grigson, Rick Schlander, Chris Wahl
Storage Field Day 4 November 13-15, 2013
Who: Storage
What: Field Day
When: Past
Where: Silicon Valley

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Presenting Sponsors

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Delegate Panel

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Arjan Timmerman


Virtualization lover by day, Storage admirer by night

Chris Wahl


Social media adventurer, virtualization whisperer, and global event speaker. Author of Networking for VMware Administrators.

Ed Grigson


I'm an infrastructure professional with a keen interest in cloud, virtualisation and storage.

Enrico Signoretti


An IT consultant, entrepreneur and passionate blogger at (not necessarily in that order).

Hans De Leenheer


Rental Evangelist & Enterprise Clown. Sometimes referred to as Technical Marketer.

Howard Marks


Storage Analyst Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Joep Piscaer


Joep Piscaer is an IT architect at OGD ict-diensten, VMware VCDX #101, vExpert 2009, 2011 - 2013, member of the NL VMUG Customer Council and actively involved in the international VMware community. He writes on his blog,

Lauren Malhoit


I'm a post-sales engineer focusing mostly on VMware, EMC and Cisco.

Luca Dell’Oca


Virtualization Architect, vExpert, Data Protection preacher, Geek to the core. Blogger at

Ray Lucchesi


Ray Lucchesi is president of Silverton Consulting, blogs at, co-hosts podcast and has worked in data storage for over 30 years mostly in marketing and engineering new disk and tape automation products.

Rick Schlander


Virtualization Architect & vExpert, Minneapolis & Rochester VMUG Leader, NetAppEMC Storage & Cisco UCS Engineer-Blogger.

Scott D. Lowe


Scott D. Lowe is an independent consultant, blogger, and author focusing on issues that affect the CIO and on the virtualization and storage markets.

Presentation Calendar

Most presentations are streamed live on this page, at, and at some delegate and presenter web sites. After the event, the following pages contain video recordings of these presentations.

Wednesday, Nov 13 09:30 CloudByte Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Wednesday, Nov 13 13:00 Gridstore Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Wednesday, Nov 13 16:00 Oxygen Cloud Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Thursday, Nov 14 08:00 Coho Data Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Thursday, Nov 14 10:30 Virident HGST Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Thursday, Nov 14 13:30 Nimble Storage Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Thursday, Nov 14 16:00 Overland Storage Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Friday, Nov 15 08:00 Avere Systems Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Friday, Nov 15 10:30 Proximal Data Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Friday, Nov 15 13:30 Cleversafe Presents at Storage Field Day 4

Event Staff

Claire Chaplais


Stephen Foskett


Tom Hollingsworth


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This is a Past Storage Field Day in Silicon Valley