Wireless Field Day 1

L-R: Stephen Foskett, Rocky Gregory, Andrew vonNagy, Greg Ferro, Samuel Clements, Jennifer Huber, Tom Hollingsworth, Matthew Norwood, Steve Williams, Chris Lyttle, Marcus Burton, George Stefanick
Wireless Field Day 1 March 17-18, 2011
Who: Wireless
What: Field Day
When: Past
Where: Silicon Valley

Presenting Sponsors

Presenting sponsors are selected by the Field Day organizing committee. For information on becoming a Field Day presenter, please see our page about presenting at Tech Field Day.

Delegate Panel

Delegates are selected by the Field Day Delegate community. For more information on our selection process, please see our page about becoming a Field Day Delegate.

Andrew vonNagy


Chris Lyttle


Chris Lyttle has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry and is a Managing Principal Consultant who specializes in mobile and wireless security.

George Stefanick


George Stefanick is a Wireless Architect employed by a large healthcare system in the Texas Medical Center.

Greg Ferro


Greg is a freelance Network Architect and Engineer, host of Packet Pushers Podcast and semi-professional writer.

Jennifer Huber


Jennifer has over 10 years of experience in the networking and wireless engineering industry.

Marcus Burton


Matthew Norwood


Rocky Gregory


Rocky Gregory has been working in technology for 20 years and started working with wireless and security in the 900Mhz Proxim and CDPD (1G) network days.

Sam Clements


Sam Clements is an avid wireless technologist with a passion for all things mobility.

Steve Williams


Although Steve has a strong routing and switching background, today he focuses mainly on WiFi, Firewalls and Identity Management.

Tom Hollingsworth


Tom Hollingsworth, CCIE #29213, is a Senior Solutions Architect for a small VAR focusing primarily on K-12 education.

Presentation Calendar

Most presentations are streamed live on this page, at TechFieldDay.com, and at some delegate and presenter web sites. After the event, the following pages contain video recordings of these presentations.

Thursday, Mar 17 08:00-10:00 MetaGeek Presents at Wireless Field Day 1
Thursday, Mar 17 10:30-15:00 Cisco Presents at Wireless Field Day 1
Thursday, Mar 17 15:30-17:30 Aerohive Presents at Wireless Field Day 1
Friday, Mar 18 08:00-12:30 HP Presents at Wireless Field Day 1
Friday, Mar 18 13:30-15:30 AirMagnet Presents at Wireless Field Day 1
Friday, Mar 18 16:00-18:00 Fluke Networks Presents at Wireless Field Day 1

Event Staff

Benjamin Freedman


Scott Sexauer

Stephen Foskett


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More Information

If you would like to sponsor or attend these events as a delegate, please contact Stephen Foskett, Gestalt IT Community Organizer, at [email protected] or call +1(508)451-9532.

This is a Past Wireless Field Day in Silicon Valley