Announcing Gestalt IT Networking Field Day 2010

Gestalt IT is pleased to announce the next date in our ongoing series of Tech Field Day events. The Field Day delegates will convene in Seattle, WA on July 15 and 16, engaging some of the most innovative and interesting IT infrastructure companies.

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Gestalt IT is pleased to announce the next date in our ongoing series of Tech Field Day events. Twelve networking-focused Field Day delegates will convene in San Jose, CA on September 16 and 17, engaging some of the most innovative and interesting enterprise networking companies.

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The unique Field Day℠ concept brings together as equals two groups that rarely meet: Product vendors and independent thought leaders. The event includes a dozen delegates and just seven speaking slots. Both vendors and delegates are nominated and selected by an independent team of volunteers based on interest, technology and passion. The resulting discussions are packed with technical information, with feedback and questions flowing both ways across the table.

Sponsors and Delegates

Just seven companies will sponsor and present at our 2010 Networking Field Day event. Delegates will spend hours with each vendor, learning about their products, technology, and relevance to modern data networking practices. The Gestalt IT Tech Field Day events have attracted some of the biggest names in information technology, and this event is no exception. Our presenting sponsor list for this event includes industry leaders Arista, Cradlepoint, Force10, HP, Juniper, SolarWinds, and Xsigo.

“We value the blogger community but since most bloggers operate virtually, finding a means to cost-effectively meet them not only face to face, but as a group, is extraordinarily valuable  to us” notes Steve Garrison of Force10 Networks. “It’s rare to get the chance to sit down and have a candid conversation with the folks behind some of the best practical guidance and thinking in the networking space,” agrees Josh Stephens, SolarWinds‘ Head Geek and VP of Technology.

The Tech Field Day delegates have immense influence on the ways that products and companies are understood in the IT industry. The world of media has changed, with social media and blogging gaining importance, impact and reach. The Field Day events provide an opportunity for these writers (and their readers) to interact with top technology providers.

Only twelve delegates were nominated for this Tech Field Day event. Our selection process focuses on the unique characteristics of thought leaders: Independence, open-mindedness, technical knowledge, and influence are key criteria. The global team of delegates come from a variety of backgrounds, but all are focused on high-end data networking.

Two-time Field Day delegate Bob Plankers commented, “Networking Field Day offers me access to networking vendors so that I can talk directly and honestly with them about their technology, to learn and ask questions and give feedback. There is no other event like this, where marketing takes a back seat to the technology itself, and I’m honored and excited to be part of it.” New Field Day delegate Jennifer Huber agrees, adding “I’m looking forward to learning about technologies I’m not familiar with and bringing back that new information to my co-workers as well as anyone who might be following my blog.”

The Networking Tech Field Day delegates (L-R): Brandon Carroll, Stephen Foskett, Jeremy Stretch, Jennifer Huber, Bob Plankers, Josh Horton, Jeremy Gaddis, Jeremy Filliben, Greg Ferro, Ivan Pepelnjak, Steve Rossen, Ethan Banks, Terry Slattery

About Gestalt IT and Tech Field Day

Complete delegate and sponsor lists are available at the Gestalt IT web site. We encourage those interested in enterprise networking to follow the delegates on Gestalt IT (, Twitter (, Facebook (, LinkedIn (, Flickr ( and Vimeo (

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This is the concept behind Gestalt IT – that experts in a variety of disciplines are stronger when they work together. As a group, we formed a media organization focused on promoting community among independent thought leaders in IT infrastructure topics. Our productions include the Gestalt IT web site and the series of Tech Field Day events. Community organizer, Stephen Foskett, can be contacted at, [email protected], or (508)451-9532.

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