Excelero – The Latest Software Defined Storage Startup

Chan Ekanayake wrote up a highly detailed piece about what he saw from Excelero, who came out of stealth at Storage Field Day last week. He starts out by outlining the state of non-flash storage in the enterprise, which he sees as both consolidating with fewer players and embracing NVMe as the focus for innovation in the near future. This leads into his dicussion of Excelero, who is coming out of the gate with a true scale-out SAN solution. Chan outlines how they are able to get a ton of IOPs our of relatively modest hardware, all while keeping 0% load on the target CPU. Chan was definitely impressed, stating Excelero is “probably one of the best if not the best solution of its kind available in the market right now”. For use cases and technical details of how it all works, make sure to check out the rest of Chan’s piece.

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Excelero – The Latest Software Defined Storage Startup

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