Democratizing Kubernetes on VMware With vSphere With Tanzu

Tanzu, VMware’s portfolio of products to build, run, and manage Kubernetes controlled container-based applications is becoming more cohesive and organized, according to Pietro Piutti of The vGeek Blog

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The first question is: What is Tanzu? According to Pietro Piutti of The vGeek Blog, Tanzu is the umbrella beneath which VMware has positioned solutions aimed to build and run modern applications on any public cloud as well as on-prem. Or, in VMware speak, it is the suite of products and solutions that allow customers to build, run, and manage Kubernetes-controlled container-based applications.

VMware is now putting some order into the previously somewhat haphazard Tanzu umbrella by packaging complete sets of solutions in the Tanzu Editions. These are targeted at organizations at different levels of maturity in their adoption of Modern Apps. There are currently Tanzu Basic and Tanzu Standard editions available, and the company will be launching Tanzu Advanced and Tanzu Enterprise soon.

Democratizing Kubernetes on VMware with vSphere with Tanzu


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