Making Your Data Work Hard

Cloud Field Day presenter Qumulo has developed a system that can consolidate a company’s data into a single application. It’s scalable, and works across both on-premise and cloud.

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Qumulo’s goal is to bring all of a company’s data off multiple environments, end-user machines, etc. into one scalable software application. Salability is one of Qumulo’s buzz words, the application is able to scale into the cloud, and adjusts to a company’s different and ever-moving goalposts, scaling to performance, and to capacity.

The interesting part about Qumulo is that if a company has scripted and integrated applications with Qumulo in the datacenter and wants to move to the cloud, it can spin up a Qumulo instance in the cloud using the same Qumolo software, now running in the cloud. All of the integration will automatically work with cloud infrastructure because it’s using the same API and the same software—it’s not even a different software build.

Making Your Data Work Hard


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