NetAlly AirCheck G2 Wall Mount Charging Caddy

Jonathan Davis, one of our twelve delegates who attended Mobility Field Day earlier this year, had the opportunity to see NetAlly present. Jonathan writes that every time he sees NetAlly present, he seems to find more and more value in his NetAlly AirCheck G2! In order to keep it nearby and well charged, Jonathan designed a Charging Caddy for his Aircheck G2! Check out the post on his blog for all the details, including the design to 3D print your own. Jonathan, we’ll be reaching out to you for all our designing needs from now on! We’re looking forward to NetAlly’s next presentation at a Tech Field Day event soon.

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Jonathan Davis, xxx was frustrated with the lack of shelf space at home for his increasingly useful AirCheck G2. Whever he needed it, it was invariably uncharged or not to hand. So, he took matters into his own hands and 3D printed a solution that will have network engineers rubbing their hands with glee.

David is quick to point out that he is no design expert, but his solution works!

NetAlly AirCheck G2 Wall Mount Charging Caddy


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