Data Point: Why Automation Won’t Replace Humans

Ivan Pepelnjak thinks network engineers don’t need to worry about automation replacing them in the near future, given that a forward looking company like Tesla has failed with their complete automation efforts. Instead, he points that network engineers should train themselves to do higher value jobs for organizations, which seems to be a good hedge against automation. He points out some recent Networking Field Day videos on the topic as well.

MFD3 – Huge updates for AirCheck G2 and LinkRunner G2; then Netscout announces their sale

Jonathan Davis heard a bevy of updates from RUNECAST across most of their network diagnostic tool line. This included a deep dive into new features of the LinkRunner G2 v2.0 and AirCheck G2 v3.0 firmware. The features added were impressive, and Jonathan hopes to see updates for these solutions in a future Field Day presentation.

Cost of Perfection

After Mobility Field Day last week, Jim Palmer got to thinking about how wireless professionals approach their networks. He considered what trying to achieve wireless perfection actually costs, when the vast majority of the time connectivity falls short of that goal. He stopped to think if this quest for perfection often misses broader customer requirements and the implications of the return on time invested toward perfection.

Livestream Video Link

NEW BEN’S OLD Live Streaming Video This page will feature live streaming video from Networking Field Day 6 while the event is underway. The live stream will be enabled at the following times (US Pacific timezone, GMT-8): Wednesday, September 11 from 9:30 AM to 6 PM Thursday, September 12 from 10 AM to 6 PM Friday, […]

Brocade Presents at Networking Field Day 2

Brocade presented at Networking Tech Field Day 2 on Friday, October 28, 2011. Watch the presentation below, and follow our NFD2 Links page for reactions and responses from the delegates!