Greybeards on Storage

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GreyBeards on Storage is a IT industry podcast hosted by Ray Lucchesi and co-hosted by one of a band of (older) IT people, that have been around the industry a long, long time and have a good, in-depth understanding of today’s storage, server, and data center trends and developments.

Channel Staff

Howard Marks


Storage Analyst Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Keith Townsend


Global Advisor at the Futurum Group

Matthew Leib


Long time engineer, and presales architect specializing in Storage, VIrtualization and Orchestrations in the cloud.

Ray Lucchesi


Ray Lucchesi is president of Silverton Consulting, blogs at, co-hosts podcast and has worked in data storage for over 30 years mostly in marketing and engineering new disk and tape automation products.

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