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Alex Galbraith is a Solutions Architect with a keen focus on cloud, VMware virtualisation and storage, who spends his time helping customers to translate their business requirements into technical solutions at a leading global managed services provider.

Working across multiple industry verticals since 2004, Alex has been involved in designing, building and managing numerous estates, as well as providing technical consultancy for a number high profile projects including the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the NHS NPfIT.

He holds various vendor certifications from VMware, AWS, Microsoft, Citrix and Cisco, as well as architectural qualifications from TOGAF and the BCS.

Alex lives in the UK with his wife and two mischievous daughters. When not spending time with them, he can generally be found tinkering with his home lab, pottering in his man cave, studying for his next IT certification or trying to figure out what this cloud thing is really all about…

A keen blogger, podcaster, community member, vExpert and regular attendee of the London and UK VMUGs, it’s a struggle to keep him quiet!

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