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Daniel Cybulskie is a Senior Security Consultant out of the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area. Prior to focusing primarily on wireless technologies, Daniel’s background was in designing and deploying strong authentication and encryption solutions for high-security organizations. Recognizing the imminent explosion of mobile computing, he has successfully leveraged this strong AAA background to become the lead mobility consultant within his organization and acts as lead on mobility projects across healthcare, public safety, and a broad range of corporate verticals.

While he currently holds CISSP, ACMP, and CWSP credentials, Daniel will be the first to tell you that he is all about the people. His approach to any consulting engagement is to focus on securely enabling the end-users to work or play without being encumbered by technology.

You can read more about Daniel’s wireless thoughts and ideas on his website: www.simplywifi.co or by following him on Twitter @SimplyWiFi.

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