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Deirra discovered her passion for Science and Technology at a young age growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. As a child, she spent her downtime researching how various technologies worked. She always enjoyed taking things apart to figure out how they worked. That curiosity allowed her to build her analytical and problem-solving skills. Deirra’s love for computer technology and thirst for knowledge led her to enroll in the Cisco Network Academy in High School. This opportunity opened the door to the world of Computer Networking and Information Security. Her passion for the field led her to complete additional self-study and excel in the course and landed her an internship with the Baltimore City Public School District in her Senior Year. This internship served as the launchpad for her career.

For the past 10 years, Deirra has continued to work to establish herself as a subject matter expert in the areas of routing and switching, network monitoring/analysis and Network Design. She is life long learner with a hunger and passion for all things technology. She has also worked to expand her skill set into Security, Cloud, and Automation. Additionally she is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and IT Management.

In 2016, Deirra published her blog CCIE By 30. CCIE By 30 has enabled Deirra to combine her love of writing and passion for giving back to the community. On the site, Deirra shares her experience in Cisco Networking, technical resources, certification study tips, career tips as well as reviews on industry trends. Since its publishing, CCIE By 30 has gained the attention of industry experts and a growing social media following.

As a woman and a person of color in the technology field, Deirra understands the unique challenges for those looking to enter the industry can feel. As a passionate advocate for Women and People of Color, Deirra hopes that sharing her story will inspire others to pursue a career in the Technology field.

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