Josh Fidel

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21 years ago, a chance encounter in a New Orleans’ coffee shop started Josh’s IT career. Since that meeting he’s been everything from a desktop deployment tech to a Solutions Architect designing multi-national technology solutions for Fortune 100 clients. In between those two positions, Josh has been a DBA, network admin, security practitioner, systems and virt admin, storage designer/user/guru, and one hell of a coffee maker. He’s convinced that most IT marketing is complete codswallop, but occasionally truth can be discerned through the manure. In addition to living the Tech Life, Josh was the originator of the social group vBeards ( for those in tech wishing to enjoy being fun and fuzzy faced, and blogs about technology at When not living the Tech Life, Josh can be found cooking for his family of five, working on his childrens’ books and YA fantasy series, playing go, or taking his three adorable chaos monkeys fishing.

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