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I am an engineer and technologist whose experience is both broad and deep, designing and building digital systems ranging from sub-micron transistors to Web-scale infrastructure. I now apply the knowledge and skills from a 20+ year career in R&D and IT architecture to analysis, consulting and communications. I am skilled at seeing and communicating the big picture and key attributes of technologies, products and standards across the full spectrum of information and consumer technologies and am equally comfortable tailoring content to C-level executive or highly technical practitioners.

From the VT100 to the iPad Air, for 30 years my world has revolved around technology. Coming out of Stanford with a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, I started as an EE developing transistors and fabrication processes, went on to Bell Labs to design integrated circuits, and evolved into an IT architect for HP designing systems and networks. I now do technology analysis, consulting and writing for vendors, industry organizations and anyone who needs the MarkoInsights brand of Keen, Relevant, Meaningful (KRM) analysis, research and communication. My specialty is data center infrastructure, including servers, storage, networks, virtualization and data center architecture, cloud software and services, but I’m also conversant with collaboration and content management software, mobile devices and apps. I am a regular contributor to a number of publications including InformationWeek, InformationWeek Reports, Forbes, Network Computing and Processor Magazine.