Marian Newsome

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I am an IT Security professional. For over 15 years, I have successfully helped companies implement sustainable solutions to protect critical business data within complex IT infrastructures. Resourceful and astute, I am especially adept at implementing cost-effective solutions that mitigate risk to infrastructure, systems, and data.

I am a Senior Level Business Manager. My diverse professional experience in directing large-scale global projects for Fortune 500 companies has rewarded me with capabilities that transcend IT boundaries. I provide in-depth analysis of existing business operations to offer solutions in strategic planning, cost control, process reengineering, contract negotiation, infrastructure security, and vendor management. An excellent communicator, I am an active leader with crisp business and technical acumen for fostering innovation in technology to drive business improvements and cost reductions.

I am a Social Media Marketing Strategist. As a Social Media Community Manager with my current company, I share my IT expertise and business knowledge on corporate Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Chatter, and YouTube accounts to promote content collaboration and product awareness.

Although moving into marketing has been a professional challenge, I am an even stronger professional for having made the transition. Applying my technical expertise to a primarily client-centric role has forced me to engage, interact, and become more conscious of how important it is to deliver customer-based solutions.

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