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Currently responsible for a large media oriented high-end storage infrastructure and the support team who manage it, this is a slight detour from my aim to do more high-level infrastructure design and architectures.

Also somewhere along the line, I have picked up the Broadcast Services Integration & Test Engineering team, responsible for everything from digital play-out systems to ensuring the smooth transition to a file-based workflow for content production to the migration to our new media centre. A role varied, demanding and challenging on a daily basis.

So yes, I can juggle multiple roles across a variety of disciplines and still maintain a certain degree of sanity.

I’ve also managed a development team using Extreme Programming and Java, so I can also herd cats if required.

For my next challenge, I would like to build a team to deliver IT as a service; focusing on user requirements and deliverables as opposed to simply building an IT play-pen.

Also the blogger better known as Storagebod and published writer on the subject of storage.

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