Scott Calvet

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Scott lives to shake things up! With 25+ years of experience in the IT industry, he is an accomplished, influential, and motivated sales and marketing expert with a strategically diverse background and skillset driven by a desire to create maximum impact.

Drawing upon his unique perspective and experience as a customer, engineer, evangelist, and marketer, Scott always aims to simplify the complex and get to the core of what matters with whatever he is discussing. He has worked with customers of all sizes, in all verticals, and all over the world. He has also been a customer, running a mission-critical IT environment for a large Fortune 500 company, and has the scar tissue to prove so.

Scott also has a deep background in competitive analysis and positioning, and he plays a lot of chess, allowing him to see markets and technologies from a broad standpoint. He is passionate about looking at the BIG picture and taking an honest approach to acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of technology offerings. He believes that customers can only do what’s best when they are armed with honest and transparent information and perspective.

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