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Sumit is an Ex Gartner VP Analyst in Data Management & Analytics space where he used to advice CTOs, CDOs, CDAOs, Enterprise Architects and Data Architects
on Data Strategy, Data Architectures, implementation and choosing tools, frameworks and vendors for building data platforms and end to end data driven systems

As a part of Gartner Analysts – Sumit has advised to hundreds of organizations and CDOs over the last 5 years and provided
guidance, insights, trend analysis on best practices with technology to solve their complex data challenges

Sumit spans the spectrum – from formulating data strategy with CDO/CTO teams to architecting,
designing and building data platforms and solutions to writing, deploying and debugging code in 5 different programming languages.

Sumit has more than 25 years of experience in the data and Software Industry in various roles spanning companies from startups to
enterprise organizations in building, managing and guiding teams and building scalable software systems across the stack from middletier, data layer,
analytics and UI using BigData, NoSQL, DB Internals, Data Warehousing, Data Modeling, Data Science and middletier.

Spoken at numerous conferences worldwide
– LinuxFoundation – Bilbao, Spain, 2023
– LinuxFoundation – Vancover, 2016-17
– Gartner Catalyst – 2018-19 – San Diego, CA, USA, London, UK
– Gartner Data and Analytic Conferences – Mumbai, India, Sao Paulo, Brazil, London, UK
– Many more

Sumit has expansive experience in building, managing and guiding teams and building scalable software systems across the stack from middletier,
data layer, Analytics , ML, Data Engineering, DataOps, Data Architectures, Data Lakes, Data Lakehouses,
NoSQL, DB Internals, Data Warehousing, Dimensional Modeling, Data Science and Java / J2EE aspects of the technology.

Sumit has extensive hands on experience in the data and software industry

– Hands on Data Engineer/Data Architect – as an Independent consultant building Data Lakes and Data Platforms from – 2014-2018
– Hands on Technical Director at Verizon (USA), building their Big Data Analytics team from 2012-2014
– Technical Architect / Director – Startup like LeapfrogRX (acquired by ModelN (CA, USA)) building their Analytics Platform from 2006-2012
– Software Developer in the Oracle Database Development Team from 1997-2004
– Software Developer in the Microsoft SQLServer Development Team from 1995-97

Sumit is a published author of a book on SQLEngines and has also developed MOOC course on Big Data

Sumit has also published a MOOC – Big Data Analyst –

Sumit has hiked to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Oct 2016.
Sumit also blogs at