Datrium Demo & Technology Dive

Event: Cloud Field Day 5

Appearance: Datrium Presents at Cloud Field Day 5

Company: Datrium

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Personnel: Boris Weissman, Mike McLaughlin

Datrium CloudShift is a new service that enables cloud mobility orchestration building on the DVX platform. It’s designed for a modern experience, is easy to use, and provides multi-functional simplicity for orchestratin …

Extending Datrium Data Cloud Across Cloud Data Centers with Boris Weissman

Event: Tech Field Day 14

Appearance: Datrium Presents at Tech Field Day 14

Company: Datrium

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Personnel: Boris Weissman

Boris Weissman, Founder at Datrium, reviews their first application of Data Cloud spanning private cloud data centers with Elastic Replication. This is designed to scale performance and provider resiliency. Boris also di …