Avaya WLAN – Under the Hood

Event: Wireless Field Day 7

Appearance: Avaya Presents at Wireless Field Day 7

Company: Avaya

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Personnel: Jayanthi Srinivasan, Vamshi Doma

Jayanthi Srinivasan, Director of Product Management, and Vamshi Doma, Senior Product Manager, present on Avaya WLAN. At the end of the day mobile users care about one thing – the user experience. But deploying and mainta …

Meraki Health and Adaptive Policy

Event: Tech Field Day Virtual Cisco Live Experience

Appearance: Cisco Meraki Presents at Tech Field Day Virtual Cisco Live Experience

Company: Cisco

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Personnel: Alex Burger, Jayanthi Srinivasan, Nikitha Shashidhar, Sunmeel Bhumkar

In this session, Meraki introduces incredible new innovations from rolling out simple, scalable policies with adaptive policy to network and application assurance all the way from the client to the applications