Luminus Networks Future of Monitoring Networks Fireside Chat

Event: Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2015

Appearance: The Future of Monitoring Networks: Luminus / Tech Field Day Fireside Chat at VMworld

Company: Luminus Networks

Video Links:

Personnel: Cyrus Durgin, Kelly Wanser, Najam Ahmad, Truman Boyes

Tech Field Day hosted Luminus Networks for a discussion of next-generation network monitoring and analytics at our Clubhouse at VMworld US 2015. In this video, Najam Ahmad (Facebook), Truman Boyes (Bloomberg), and Cyrus …

Stateless Networks Roundtable Discussion at ONUG Fall 2013

Event: Tech Field Day Extra at ONUG Fall 2013

Appearance: ONUG 2013 Tech Field Day Discussions

Company: Stateless Networks

Video Links:

Personnel: Andreas Antonopoulos, Brent Salisbury, Chris Marget, Jason Edelman, John Willis, Kelly Wanser

Stateless Networks sits down with the Tech Field Day delegates to introduce the company and discuss the combination of DevOps, network operations, and SDN. Representing Stateless are Kelly Wanser and Andreas Antonopoulos …