Juniper Networks Network Automation: Why it Matters in a Multicloud World

Event: Networking Field Day 20

Appearance: Juniper Networks Presents at Networking Field Day 20

Company: Juniper Networks

Video Links:

Personnel: Michael Bushong

The modern networking world looks nothing like it did in the past. The future involves multiple cloud providers and networking that is easy to use and automated to support applications and users.

Plexxi Introduction: Workload & Workflow

Event: Networking Field Day 7

Appearance: Plexxi Presents at Networking Field Day 7

Company: Plexxi

Video Links:

Personnel: Michael Bushong

Presenter: Michael Bushong, VP of Marketing, @MBushong

The CapEx/OpEx Battleground Panel at SDDC Symposium 2014

Event: SDDC Symposium 2014

Appearance: The CapEx / OpEx Battleground Panel

Company: Brocade, Cisco, Nexenta, OpenDaylight

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Personnel: Chris Price, Colin McNamara, Jon Hudson, Justin Warren, Michael Bushong, Omar Sultan, Rick Martig

Budgets in the SDDC are tight. Should you budget for traditional big expenditures? Or will monthly fees lure you to the operational model? Watch as moderator Michael Bushong and our panelists discuss the pros and cons of …