Is Hyperconvergence the New Data Center Architecture?

Event: Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld Europe 2014

Appearance: Hyperconvergence Roundtable Discussion

Company: TBD

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Personnel: Andrew Mauro, Arjan Timmerman, Ed Grigson, Erik Ableson, Hans De Leenheer, Joep Piscaer, José Luis Gómez, Marco Broeken, Nigel Poulton

The Tech Field Day delegates take on the topic of hyperconverged infrastructure.

Nigel Poulton

Event: Nigel Poulton

Appearance: Nigel Poulton


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Personnel: Nigel Poulton

Nigel is a self-confessed tech-addict who should probably be at an addiction recovery group for tech junkies. He creates the best IT training videos in the world for Pluralsight, and in his spare time he’s a father and h …

Solid State Storage Symposium – San Jose, CA

Event: Solid State Storage Symposium – San Jose, CA

Appearance: Solid State Storage Symposium – San Jose, CA


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Personnel: Chris Evans, Howard Marks, Nigel Poulton, Robin Harris, Stephen Foskett

On April 25, 2012 the industry will come together at the Solid State Storage Symposium! This all-day in-person event features panelists from key enterprise storage companies and will be moderated by independent experts, …

What’s the best solid-state storage array architecture panel with Nigel Poulton

Event: Solid-State Storage Symposium

Appearance: SSSS1 Panel: Array Architecture

Company: Nimble Storage, Nimbus Data, SolidFire, Violin Memory

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Personnel: Dave Wright, Narayan Venkat, Nigel Poulton, Tom Isakovich, Umesh Maheshwari