Skyport Systems Executives Discuss SkySecure

Event: Networking Field Day 11

Appearance: Skyport Systems Presents at Networking Field Day 11

Company: Skyport Systems

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Personnel: Michael Beesley, Rob Rodgers, Will Eatherton

Michael Beesley, CTO, Will Eatherton, VP of Engineering, and Rob Rodgers, Founder, answer questions about the security of SkySecure build process and other delegate questions about the solution.

Skyport Systems: There Is No Branch with Rob Rodgers

Event: Tech Field Day 15

Appearance: Skyport Presents at Tech Field Day 15

Company: Skyport Systems

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Personnel: Rob Rodgers

Rob Rodgers, Co-Founder and Chief Architect at Skyport Systems, discusses their ideas on remote branches, and how these differ from the traditional compute sense. Remote branches have considerable compute capabilities, a …