Veriflow Automated Intent Inference Demo with Sajid Awan

Event: Networking Field Day 16

Appearance: Veriflow Presents at Networking Field Day 16

Company: Veriflow

Video Links:

Personnel: Sajid Awan

Sajid Awan, VP Worldwide Ops at Veriflow, gives a demonstration of the Veriflow predictive platform. This includes visualizing the physical and functional network topology, continuous verification of service availability …

Veriflow: Network Verification and What if Analysis from VMware

Event: Tech Field Day 21

Appearance: VMware Presents at Tech Field Day 21

Company: VMware

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Personnel: Sajid Awan

This session covers the Veriflow capabilities for network verification, troubleshooting, modeling, analyzing, and verifying multicloud networks. Veriflow increases VMware’s overall network monitoring and troubleshooting …