Appcito Overview at Pluribus Networks

Event: Networking Field Day 9

Appearance: Pluribus Networks Presents At Networking Field Day 9

Company: Pluribus Networks

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Personnel: Siva Mandalam

Siva Mandalam, Vice President of Products and Strategy, introduces Appcito and discusses their business model along with their usage of Pluribus Networks Netvisor to provide networking services to their customers.

Juniper Networks Software Roundtable with Bob Muglia at Interop

Event: Tech Field Day Extra at Interop Las Vegas 2013

Appearance: Juniper Roundtable at Interop Las Vegas 2013

Company: Juniper Networks

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Personnel: Aruna Ravichandran, Bob Muglia, Calvin Chang, Colin McNamara, Frank Owen, Ivan Pepelnjak, Jason Edelman, Jennifer Huber, Jennifer Lin, Michael Leonard, Mrs. Y, Robert Novak, Siva Mandalam, Tony Mattke

Bob Muglia leads a roundtable discussion on Juniper’s SDN strategy and real-world implications. This discussion features Jason Edelman, Colin McNamara, Jennifer Huber, Tony Mattke, Samuel Clements, Frank Owen, Jennifer L …