Juniper Mist Contact Tracing with vBLE and Analytics

Event: Mobility Field Day 5

Appearance: Mist Systems Presents at Mobility Field Day 5

Company: Mist Systems

Video Links:

Personnel: Sunalini Sankhavaram

In the current state of the world, knowing how to accurately identify users and devices is critical to the health of the population. Learn how Juniper Mist is using Bluetooth and analytics to build data for contract trac …

Zebra Technologies MPact Overview with Sunalini Sankhavaram

Event: Wireless Field Day 8

Appearance: Zebra Technologies Presents at Wireless Field Day 8

Company: Zebra Technologies

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Personnel: Sunalini Sankhavaram

Sunalini Sankhavaram, Director, and Peddi Indukuri, Product Management, introduce the Zebra Technologies MPact analytics platform and demonstrate the user interface and capabilities of the product.