Democratizing Security Testing

In this post, Michael Davis discusses the democratization of security testing and validation. He highlights NetAlly’s introduction of Cyberscope, an Android-powered handheld tool that simplifies network security testing. Cyberscope offers a user-friendly interface to powerful tools like Nmap, enabling non-experts to leverage long-standing security testing programs. James Kahkoska, CTO of NetAlly, presented Cyberscope at Security Field Day and Davis provides a link to watch the presentation and the ensuing discussion on privacy matters related to RF signal collection in unlicensed spectrum.

XFD8 Prologue

Michael Davis is attending Security Field Day this week and shared his excitement about the event in general as well as his thoughts on two of the presenters. He’s particularly interested in Cribl and Swimlane, and it will be interesting to read his thoughts on them post-event.

XFD4 – Cisco Tetration

Remi Philippe, Rob Tappenden, and Tim Garner of Cisco revealed the secrets behind their Tetration holistic workload protection for multicloud datacenters during their presentation at Security Field Day 4. Michael Davis delves deeper into their presentation and investigates how it really works, and provides value to organizations.

Next Gen Firewalls With a Side of Cloud Services

Prior to seeing Palo Alto Networks present at Security Field Day, Michael Davis saw them at their Ignite Conference. He was curious what the company would add to their presentation to make it stand out with that event so recently in the rear view. They showed off their Panorama next-generation firewall management solution. But the real meat of the presentation was on Prisma Public Cloud, the result of their recent Redlock acquisition. There were also demos of Cortex XDR and Demisto, designed to help combat alert fatigue. It was a lot of information to take in, but had a lot of interesting security implications.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Michael Davis

We always enjoy having new faces, voices, and perspectives around the delegate tablet for Field Day events. That’s why we’re thrilled to have Michael Davis attending Security Field Day. He’s been working in educational IT for two decades, so we can’t wait to hear his thoughts on the presentation. Be sure to check out this full interview to learn more about Michael.

Security Field Day 2

Michael Davis has long been a fan of Field Day events, and now he gets to join the delegate community. He’ll be at Security Field Day this week and he’s excited to hear from the presenters, and to meet the other delegates. Be sure to check out our live stream of the event to watch along with Michael, or catch the full edited video posted soon after.

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