Yellow Capes and Safe Escapes – The Journey of Zoë Rose

Learning about the journey of Zoë Rose from her past to the bright future ahead of her has been enlightening for Tom Hollingsworth. He covers some highlights of the presentations she’s shared at Security Field Day and Aruba HER over the past few months and how we can learn about the path she’s taken to get where she is today.

Hear. Engage. Relate.

In this post, Zoë Rose shares her experience giving the keynote address for Aruba’s H.E.R., which stands for Hear, Engage, Relate. She related her experience in discovering security. For her, the name of the conference set the tone for success much more than the typical Women in Tech or Diversity conventions. Her keynote was excellent, so please be sure to checkout the video.

Gestalt IT Live Blog – Aruba HER Keynote Address

Mobility Field Day Exclusive delegate Zoë Rose presented the keynote at the excellent Aruba HER at Atmosphere 2019. Our own Tom Hollingsworth and Kori Younger live blogged the entire event, be sure to check it out for a truly thoughtful and personal journey. She discusses surviving abuse, how professional and personal progress can differ, and more.

Zoë Rose

Zoë Rose is a single mum and highly regarded hands-on cyber security specialist. Zoë focuses on building a secure by design and by default approach, in order to embed security resilience across the organisation.