Kubernetes With Platform9’s Elastic Machine Pool

Platform9’s Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) for AWS addresses the critical issue of EKS cluster underutilization, offering Kubernetes operations enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By dynamically rebalancing resources and leveraging advanced virtualization, EMP can potentially cut AWS costs in half for EKS users, presenting a considerable advantage for both DevOps and #FinOps teams. Beyond the cost benefits, EMP’s intelligent resource management promotes operational efficiency, allowing teams to devote more time to innovation instead of the manual oversight of cloud resources, according to Jon Myer.

HyperCloud: Is This the Next Era of Private Cloud?

With the rise of hyperscalers and the challenges of cloud cost management, HyperCloud by SoftIron offers an intriguing solution, aiming to marry the agility of cloud computing with the control of on-premises infrastructure. In this LinkedIn Pulse article, Jon Myer discusses the HyperCloud ecosystem, which brings a cloud-like experience to private setups, seeking to address the complexity of traditional data centers with a flexible, scalable infrastructure. As someone fascinated by IT’s evolution, HyperCloud’s innovative approach and promise of operational ease and efficiency within a secure on-premises environment might very well define the next era of private cloud.

Jon Myer

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